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  • Sherief-Abu-Moustafa-1 Team
    Sherief Abu-Moustafa, BSN, RN, CAP, ICDAC
    Chief Executive Officer
  • sid-goodman-1 Team
    Sid Goodman, MA, LMHC
    Executive Director
  • Rami-Sleiman Team
    Rami Sleiman, BS, CHC
    Chief Compliance and Operations Officer
  • Dr.-Howeedy-Medical-Director-400x400 Team
    Dr. Ahmed Howeedy, MD, MRO
    Chief Medical Officer
  • preview-full-Barbara-Dunkiel Team
    Barbars Dunkiel
    Human Resources Director
  • Dr.-Albert-Castellon-MD-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Dr. Albert Castellon
    Medical Director
  • heather-400x400 Team
    Heather Brathwaite, PhD, ARNP
  • Jimmy-Cassis-ARNP-BC-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Jimmy Cassis, ARNP, BC
  • Julia-LaRocca-DHSC-RM-P.A.C.-Physicans-Assistant-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Dr. Julia La Rocca DHSc, PA-C
  • Guillermo-Granados Team
    Guillermo Granados, PA
  • Abigail-Giancola-RN-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Abigail Giancola, ARNP
  • Dr.-Rachaek-Bishop-PSY-D-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Dr. Rachael Bishop
    Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Specializing in Neuropsychology
  • Dr.-Beau-Nelson Team
    Dr. Beau Nelson, DBH, LCSW
    Director Of Clinical Services
  • preview-lightbox-Donnell-Neal Team
    Donnell Neal, CAC CBHT
    Director Of Operations
  • Staff-Photo Team
    Dr. Michael Levy, PhD
    Director Of Behavioral Health Training
  • John-Dreyer Team
    John Dreyer
    Director of Admissions
  • Titus-Tucker Team
    Titus Tucker, MSW, EdD
    Assistant Clinical Director
  • Anne-Weymouth Team
    Anne Weymouth, CAP, CCJAP, CSAT-C, ICADC, MS, LMHC
    Director of the First Responder Program
  • Ayelen-Garcia Team
    Ayelen Garcia, MSW
    Director of Case Management Services
  • Ivona-Bhadha-LCSW-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Ivona Bhadha, LCSW
    Director of Family Services
  • Eileen-Somerville Team
    Eileen Somerville, LMHC
    Primary Therapist
  • Nadine-Henry Team
    Nadine Henry, LMHC
    Specialty Services (DBT, EMDR)
  • George-W.-McKinney-III-Clinical-Therapist-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    George W. McKinney, MSW
    Primary Therapist
  • Antonio-Rotondo-PSY.-D-Clinical-Therapist-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Dr. Antonio Rotondo
    Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Specializing in Neuropsychology
  • Paul-Altine-MFT-Clinical-Therapist-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Paul Altine
    Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Mark-Sacchetti-BA-Clinical-Therapist-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Mark Sacchetti
  • Jessica-Adams Team
    Jessica Adams
    Case Manager
  • Matt-Hurley Team
    Matthew Hurley
    Case Manager
  • Geraldine-Holness-RN-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Geraldine Holness, RN
  • Moreen-Lawrence-LPN-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Moreen Lawrence, LPN
  • Darlene-Cellini-RN-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Darlene Cellini, RN
  • Clara-Gonzalaz-RN-Nurse-1024x1024-400x400 Team
    Clara Gonzalez, RN
  • Ralph-Tenaglia- Team
    Ralph Tenaglia
    Admissions Specialist
  • wayne-stewart2 Team
    Wayne F. Stewart, BS, MBA
    Director of Business Development
  • Staff-Photo Team
    Janey Bass
    National Outreach Coordinator
  • Jeffrey-Weinstein Team
    Jeffrey Weinstein
    National Outreach Coordinator
  • Colin-Bradley Team
    Colin Bradley
  • Richard-DiGregorio Team
    Dick Digregorio
    Gambling Specialist
  • Craig-Ewing Team
    Craig Ewing
  • Art-Jacob Team
    Art Jacob
    Director of Sober Skills Program
  • Susan-Naverson Team
    Susan Naverson
    Gambling Specialist

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