Outpatient Addiction Care

At FHE Health, we recognize that addiction is not something that can be treated in a moment. The process takes time. It’s estimated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration that 90 percent of adults in the U.S. who need addiction and substance abuse treatment don’t receive it. Those who do are more likely to thrive if they continue to receive care after an initial inpatient stay. Yet outpatient care can also work for people who may be able to continue to live at home in a supportive environment.

Beginning Your Treatment Inpatient

Those who are in need of addiction treatment may wish to enroll in our inpatient treatment program as a first step. If so, you may work through detox as well as intensive inpatient care to help you to stabilize your health and well-being. From there, many of our patients move to outpatient care. Our outpatient addiction treatment allows you to receive the same quality of care you received inpatient while living at home.

You can also continue your specialized program of care as an outpatient. This includes all of our programs such as first responders, women’s programs, gambling programs, and others. By providing you with outstanding support during this transition and afterward, we can help encourage your long-term success and limit relapse opportunities.

Obtaining Treatment Through Outpatient Care

You don’t have to enroll in our inpatient program to receive the outpatient care you need. Some of our clients come to us solely as outpatients. For those who may not need detox or those who would like to live at home in a stable environment, this can work well. Our team will work with you to ensure there is a cohesive plan to address any concerns you have. Our outpatient alcohol treatment and outpatient substance abuse treatment are always designed to meet your individual needs.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Care

Our Outpatient Services

To provide for each patient, we offer several outpatient services. You will work with your team of professionals to determine which type of care is best for your unique situation. Take a closer look at our main program options.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization program, or PHP treatment, provides a managed step-down treatment. It allows you to move from intensive care in our residential program to a more independent life. This program allows you to show you can care for yourself as well as maintain all the improvements you made during the recovery process thus far. During your PHP, you will also have access to the levels of care you need, including neuro-rehabilitation work. You are likely to continue to receive care from our psychiatric providers and medical team during this transition period.

To help you to move forward, we also provide care for your family. Our family intensive program allows you to learn how to cope outside of the residential setting and aims to provide your family with the education they need to support you. You will still have access to:

When we provide you with access to these services and move from the full-time residential model to partial hospitalization, you gain a continuum of care. That is, you learn and take those steps back into your life, but at the same time, there is a safety net there to help you. By providing a continuum of care, you gain more support through this process from the team you’ve already developed a solid relationship with and through the programs you are already using.

Addiction - Partial Hospitalization Program

Intensive Outpatient Program

Among our outpatient services is the intensive outpatient program or IOP. For many of our patients, our outpatient substance abuse treatment is an empowering opportunity to take back your life. During this program, which is managed by your team of medical doctors and psychiatric professionals, you continue to become more independent. Ultimately, you learn to use the skills learned during therapy to make better decisions in the long term. You will still have treatment appointments, but you’ll begin to handle more of your personal affairs, including self-care, securing employment and working with family.

The IOP treatment program still provides you with access to many of the programs you need, including:

Those in our outpatient treatment program have the ability to live independently. This may be back home with your family, or it could be living on your own in a sober living environment, depending on what options our team feels are best for you. We continue to keep you with the same team and in the same specialized programs to address your needs. By providing this constant level of support, you may be more likely to succeed.

IOP - Intensive Outpatient Program

On FHE Health Campus

Patients who are a part of FHE Health campus have access to a wide range of supportive services. This includes all of our facilities. Our alumni community can also offer insight and guidance in a unique way to those fighting substance abuse. Because we can provide such a quality facility with a diverse number of services on hand, many of those who seek treatment with us have a strong structure for continued recovery available to them. As a part of our outpatient care, every individual is able to tap into these resources whenever they are necessary and beneficial.

Our Sober Living Care

For those seeking outpatient substance abuse treatment, our Sober Living services can be an incredible tool. Our Sober Living environments are designed to create a place that’s safe for those who just recently finished treatment. Often, our patients are not able to re-enter their former home or life after working through recovery because the risk of relapse is so high — overdose deaths are not uncommon during the first days of treatment. However, our Sober Living programs help to provide the aftercare support patients need to avoid those instances.

The Sober Living environment lets people begin with a support group as soon as possible after receiving treatment. Patients will remain with others who are working through the same recovery path, which helps to foster better opportunities for long-term care.

Sober Living at FHE Health

Transition Options Available

FHE Health offers a number of transitional programs to help our patients move through the path towards recovery. For many, this begins in detox and residential care. However, we also offer options such as:

  • Transitioning from residential to partial hospitalization
  • Moving from residential to day/night level of care
  • Transitioning from partial hospitalization to intensive outpatient programs
  • Transitioning from day/night care to intensive outpatient program

Each patient’s needs are unique, and customized care is always provided. From the start of care through completion, our team is available to work closely with you to achieve your goal of recovery.

Medical Integration

Every level of care requires access to medical support, so medical integration is a component of all our outpatient treatment services, and our medical team of professionals is accessible to those who need them. When beginning any program at FHE Health, patients receive a full medical workup to ensure they are stable. Our team of doctors can provide medication assistance when needed to help reach that goal.

Our comprehensive medical integration includes services such as:

Medical care can continue during residential treatment with the goal of resolving health issues and treatment for you. We can continue to provide our outpatient patients with support for neuro-rehab needs as well.

FHE Health is a comprehensive provider. We encourage those in need of any level of service to contact us for immediate help.

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