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| Crack-Cocaine Addiction

Crack-cocaine is the enhanced man-made form of cocaine. It gives more of a euphoric effect, lasts longer, and is less expensive than the powder form of cocaine. Additionally, crack is more addictive, which is cause for the high amount of people that use crack in this nation. It is used for its ability to provide a rapid rush of euphoria, an increase of energy, a rush of mental and cognitive process, and an increased ability to stay focused. The negative effects of crack are plentiful and dependence can be evident in even first time users. Crack is usually identified as a rock-like substance that is smoked, but it can also be injected. Crack can come in all types of sizes and hues since it is made illegally and usually added to additional substances. There are a variety of street names for crack including:

  • Base
  • Candy
  • Dice
  • Gravel
  • Rocks

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