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| Compulsive Gambling Addictive Disorder

As a result of Compulsive Gambling fitting all of the criteria for an emotional illness (as described in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 – the American Psychiatric Association’s classification and diagnosis tool), the APA officially classified Pathological Gambling as an addictive disorder in 2013, making it the first addiction that has ever been classified that does not involve substance use. However, prior to this classification, Compulsive Gambling was viewed as an immoral lifestyle or a bad habit. This incorporation of Gambling Addiction in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 is a significant step towards effective treatment for this devastating condition.

While there is a wide range of treatment options for individuals who suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol or other behavioral and mental illnesses, unfortunately, there are very few resources for helping people who are suffering from Gambling Addiction. At the Florida House Experience, this is not the case. Our facility offers one of the only secondary treatment tracks specifically designed to treat individuals who struggle with a gambling addiction or compulsive gambling as a secondary disorder.

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The Florida House Experience Residential Inpatient Treatment Program provides individuals who are struggling with Compulsive Gambling continuous therapeutic, clinical, and psychiatric care to aid them on their road to recovery. Your medical doctor, psychiatrist, clinician, and case manager will work side by side in conducting an initial assessment in order to customize a treatment plan to fit your needs. Treatment can include a variety of innovative therapies and neurological treatments to create the best possible well-rounded approach to addiction care. Residential Inpatient Treatment is highly recommended for all people struggling with addiction because it is the highest level of care offered, and has the best results.

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