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| Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a treatment method used in addiction rehabilitation in combination with individual and group therapy and other tactics. DBT is a fairly new addition to substance abuse treatment, and it holds a lot of promise for success in treating addiction. DBT therapy can help:

  • Increase mindfulness
  • A higher tolerance level for physically and mentally unpleasant situations
  • Improved interpersonal skills and better relationships.
  • Emotion control so that behavior is more even-keeled.

Addiction is largely based on repetitive negative patterns that create a vicious cycle of addiction. Despite known negative consequences, addicts continue to indulge in compulsive patterns that are extremely harmful. Addiction eventually takes precedence over everything else in the person’s life, including work, family, relationships, and other normal adult responsibilities.

DBT helps a wide range of clients deal with their problems. It can help with anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, and eating disorders. All of these things can play a huge role in contributing to addiction. When these root issues are addressed, people in drug and alcohol treatment have a much stronger chance of achieving and maintaining sobriety. At The Florida House Experience, we strive to give our clients a well-rounded treatment approach. DBT is an essential part of helping our clients heal from past trauma and emotional scars to have the best possible chance at recovery.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is part of our well-rounded approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. At The Florida House Experience, we want to ensure that our clients have the best possible chance to achieve sustained sobriety.

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