Mental health is just as important to your well-being as is physical health. At FHE Health, we work closely with you to provide you with a customized treatment plan that addresses each one of your needs. A key component of this is residential psychiatric care.

What Is Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Center?

Residential treatment is the first step in your care to improving your mental health. The goal of initial residential treatment is to help stabilize an individual. Many men and women with mental health disorders are living in a state of shock, confusion, pain, and hopelessness. Some may be using substances to help minimize symptoms. Others are facing life-threatening complications. The goal of our mental health residential care is to first provide a stable and safe environment.

As the initial phase of mental health treatment, our program is designed to meet the needs of each individual. For some, this may include detox if there are substance abuse concerns present. For others, it may mean health care to address medical issues occurring.

Our campus-style facility provides the ideal place for you to receive safe treatment in a supportive and therapeutic environment. When you arrive, you gain instant support from our team. We have the single goal of helping to improve your life and your future.

Our mental health residential treatment center offers everything you need including:

  • Health, wellness, and nutrition support
  • Yoga and fitness
  • Massage therapy and acupuncture
  • Meals and drinks included
  • Care management and discharge planning services

Residential Treatment: The Preferred Option for Mental Health Care

Men and women with primary mental health issues will benefit from residential care at Florida Experience House. Individuals who may be struggling with day-to-day life, facing medical complications, or no longer able to participate in daily experiences may benefit from using these services. Individuals facing complications from mental health disorders, those who may have a substance abuse disorder as well, and individuals who are suicidal need this type of inpatient support.

Residential Mental Health Care

Our facility can help many people facing a wide range of complications. This includes those who have diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions such as:

Residential psychiatric hospitals provide an opportunity to focus on improving your mental health, taking you away from the struggles and challenges you live daily. If you feel as though you are struggling to maintain control or are consumed by a mental health disorder, our team is available to discuss options for inpatient care with you.

Psychiatric Hospitals and Medication

In a controlled environment, we can accurately diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment for your conditions. When necessary, this includes medications best-suited for your unique needs. Because you can begin with a clean slate, you may not have to worry about complications or side effects. We can adjust your regimen to improve its effectiveness as the process continues.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Is a component of Your Care If Needed

Residential psychiatric care may be your primary need. However, many people who suffer from depression, PTSD, anxiety, or other mental health disorders use drugs and alcohol to cope with the side effects. You may have developed mental health disorders from your use of alcohol and drugs as well. In either case, FHE Health provides care at all levels.

Medication and psychiatric Care

Dual diagnosis is a diagnostic process that allows us to not only treat your mental health disorder but also any substance abuse present. This is critical. If you are using drugs or alcohol, treating just the mental health aspect of your life will not improve it. Rather, a customized treatment plan addressing both aspects is critical. We can do that for you here.

Our Medical Integration – Services Available Through Residential Mental Health Care

For inpatient residential mental health care, we provide an expansive facility providing you with exceptional care. Many people remain in our inpatient programs from 21 days up to 90 days, though longer-term programs may also be available to you. For those with substance abuse as well as mental health needs, we offer an Intensive Inpatient Program as well as a Residential Inpatient Program. Our team determines which is best for you after a full assessment.

During your stay, you will see both psychological assessments and medical assessments conducted. We always work with you to address each one of these needs. Then, a comprehensive treatment program is designed for you.

Our campus is designed to meet your individual needs. We offer a wide range of wellness features available to you. This includes nutritional services, a massage room, and a full gym. You will also get to work with therapists, case managers, and neuro-rehabilitative professionals.

Medical Support When You Need It

When you enroll in residential treatment for mental health, you gain access to far more than just therapy sessions. As a full-service location, our team is always available to help you with the complications you face. As a part of that, we have a full team of medical doctors on staff. These professionals provide care and support to you throughout your inpatient care here. If you develop a health concern or you have an underlying illness causing your mental health disorder, our medical team can offer solutions and support for you.

Benefits of Our Residential Rehab for Mental Health

FHE Health provides a full-service treatment facility including medical, clinical, and neurological care. If detox is necessary, care begins there, after a full health assessment. We then create a customized treatment plan to address each one of your needs. Each component of the process ensures you have the care you need for a full team of medical professionals – 30 nurses, doctors, and RNs available to help you if you need it.

Another key benefit is being able to provide you with tools to live a healthy life outside of residential care. This includes providing you with support for safe, sober living. We also incorporate a wide range of therapies and activities to help you. You gain support but you are also able to enjoy downtime and socialization. Our patients enjoy a semi-private, comfortable housing facility.

Psychiatric Care - Medication

Our Inpatient Facility

Our inpatient facility is spread over a five-acre, beautiful campus. It’s only about a mile from the beaches of Deerfield Beach in South Florida. For many, this means an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, peaceful location.

Our campus is designed to be comfortable and welcoming, with staff capable of helping you with any type of mental health needs you have. This includes addictions, mood disorders, and trauma. The setting encourages not just the privacy you need, but also the socialization you need to gain peer support.

Continuum of Mental Health Care

Enrolling in our residential treatment at FHE Health provides you with core treatment skills. These skills allow you to focus on discovering yourself in a safe environment. By remaining in a secure environment like this, we are able to reduce the risk of trigger events or stressors that can worsen your mental health. Inpatient care means you are removed from those negative influences and difficult distractions of everyday life, giving you the ability to work on healing and recovery. This is a time for you to focus on your mental health 100%.

The care you receive at our mental health residential treatment center does not stop the day you leave our program. Rather, you are able to transition to an outpatient level of care. You will still continue working with the same case managers and therapists during your outpatient care. You’ll feel safe. You’ll feel ready. With long-term mental health treatment, you may be able to achieve more of your goals. We encourage our patients to embrace the life they want to live and we support you while you do so.

Taking a Step Towards a Better Life

Dealing with mental health disorders is not easy or simplistic. It is one of the most difficult things you need to do. Doing so on your own at home isn’t effective for many people. Often, the trauma you experience at home, including negative situations, triggers for substance use, and complex relationships make it difficult for you to focus on your mental health. When you enroll in inpatient mental health care, you gain the ability to focus on you, fully.

Residential care is a commitment. Yet, with accurate diagnosis and planning, we can offer you the best opportunity at creating the life you want moving forward. Contact FHE Health today for 24/7 support to meet your needs. We are happy to answer all of your questions during a personalized consultation.

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