Empower! is a gender specific program for women facing addiction and other trauma

About the Empower! Women’s Program

At the Florida House, we believe that women best heal from mental health, relationship, or substance dependency in an honest, supportive, caring group that supports their health and well-being. Our program work is designed to encourage empowering relationships with other women to help build a strong social support network while learning and demonstrating the skills needed to live the best lives possible.

The program addresses low self-esteem, shame, fear, trust issues, trauma, and depression as well as addictive disorders. When trauma, fears, and other psychological barriers inhibit women from connecting with others in a healthy way, sobriety and healthy living become even more challenging to achieve. However, when women learn to trust one another and build a loving and supportive community, that community can form a strong base for individual healing and recovery. This is the first step in a journey of recovery from mental health or substance abuse issues. Women are part of a powerful community that addresses the issues impacting them, identify what needs to change and how to grow, and then practicing and learning to live in a more deliberate and effective way.

Recovery isn’t just a process, but a mindset that is grounded in fundamentals. The core of our program focuses on establishing a foundation that empowers each individual to progress confidently and constructively. Nearing the end of treatment, each client has developed a comprehensive knowledge base and can translate their learnings into everyday situations outside of our facility. Learning the proper way to cope with outside influences is critical in long-term success when dealing with behavioral health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse.

Our continued goal is to provide the most comfortable setting for each of our patients. In many cases, treatment success rates increase when individuals reside in a group of like-minded others, creating an environment conducive to healing. Women often face similar issues and circumstances, whether professionally or personally. Studies have shown that working within an environment where you can relate to those around you instills a higher level of openness and communication; a key component to successfully completing the program.

Statistics consistently show that women are considerably less likely to seek treatment than men due to social, environmental and personal barriers like childcare. Offering a program that is dedicated solely to women is essential as it allows those suffering from disorders to enter treatment without the worries of social stigmas and self-conscious feelings associated with co-ed programs. Women who complete a gender-dedicated program have statistically been more successful living with behavioral health and addiction issues than those who complete a co-ed program.

Our program is dedicated to providing women with an environment that empowers them. Our women’s program is supported by a staff that focuses on responsibility, safety, productive groups, and mutuality.

Women’s Program Staff


Mindy graduated from Tulane University and completed her internship at Tulane Medical Center. With over 20 years of experience, she is a qualified clinical supervisor. Mindy also has a SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) certification. Mindy’s passion and specialty is in women’s issues including treating addiction, mental health issues, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, as well as eating disorders. She is clinically trained in family systems, family sculpting, experiential therapy, and psychodrama as well as EMDR training. Mindy also serves as liaison with referral sources and works closely with therapists, EAP’s and interventionists throughout the country assuring continuity of care for our patients. She specializes in treating clients that suffer from addiction and trauma using cognitive behavioral techniques.

Mindy strongly advocates for helping clients see the connection between how they think, what they tell themselves, and the feelings and actions that follow. Mindy’s passion lies in Women’s Empowerment, as she seeks to help women find their inspirations and strength to transform their lives with confidence. Working from a strength-based and affirming approach to help women regain the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Mindy has published articles in Behavioral Health News, The Boca Observer, and has been on 20/20 with news anchor Elizabeth Vargas. The FHE Women’s Empowerment Program tagline “rebuilding women’s lives” comes from a very personal place of rebuilding her life after going through and dealing with the impact of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Mindy believes that every day is a new opportunity to take steps towards building recovery. The excitement about coming to FHE is in helping to develop an integrated program focusing on the unique needs of women’s health and recovery. Body/Mind/Spirit.


Janus holds her Master of Social Work from Barry University, Master’s in Psychology from University of Phoenix, Certification as a Certified Human Animal Intervention Specialist from Oakland University, Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and Associate’s in the Arts from Ferris State University. She continues to seek additional education and training to better help the people she works with and strives to empower. Additional education includes: becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW), a Qualified Supervisor for MSW Interns, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Certified Rapid Resolution Practitioner (RRT), Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional (CCFP), Certified Human Animal Intervention Specialist (CHAIS), Certified Professional Coach (CPC).

Janus is trained in RRT® (Rapid Resolution Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Pet Loss Bereavement Counseling, Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), Developmental Play Therapy, and Level I StoryPlay®.

Janus has had the honor of being asked to present on various topics including Canine-Assisted Therapy, Canine-Assisted Therapy and Trauma, Successful Positive Change, and Emotional Intelligence. She has authored her own fictional storybook to invoke discussion about abuse through the eyes of a puppy and has co-authored a chapter about Canine-Assisted Therapy and Working with Touch with Children.

In addition, one of her most powerful assets are her canine co-therapist and crisis response partner, Mack, with whom positively impacts people who have not been responsive to other therapies. Together they have helped the most vulnerable victims overcome phobias and complex traumas. Mack and Janus also work as a field/instructor team in disaster/crisis situations with National Crisis Response Canines. Janus is also training and working with her two younger canines, Eli and Bear, to continue with the work Mack has started.


Along with extensive case management experience, Misha is experienced in running didactic and creative groups. She utilizes motivational speeches to encourage and empower others in her groups and in interacting with clients on a daily basis. Misha is able to build a solid rapport with clients assisting them in developing positive outcomes that will impact their goals. Having gone through a successful recovery herself, Misha knows the effect a great treatment program can have on a client, as well as the abundance of internal and external gifts given when practicing self-care.

Misha is completing her bachelor’s degree in health administration, and she looks forward to customizing solutions to the needs of the clients through building platforms that make it easier for clients to be on-board and integrate into the program to increase success. Misha is excited that FHE is allowing her to learn new things about her passion for human services. “I can’t imagine doing anything else. every morning I wake up and get to engage with the most amazing people. Being an advocate and having the potential to positively influence someone who had long ago given up on having happiness and long-term stability, makes me proud to do the work I am doing with FHE Health”

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