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Residential inpatient is generally the initial stage in addiction treatment following medical detox and is one of the most important components of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Attending a residential rehab allows those struggling with addiction to take a step back from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life to focus on his or her personal recovery in a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment.

Our inpatient drug and alcohol recovery program can last anywhere from 21 days to 90 days (or longer), depending on each patient’s individual needs and preferences. We offer both an Intensive Inpatient Program (IIP) and a Residential Inpatient Program.

Upon arrival to treatment, every client must go through an extensive intake which includes medical and psychological assessment to create a baseline for the person’s addiction and also the status of their health. They will meet with a doctor and therapist to assess where the person is and the first steps that need to be taken towards recovery.

Everyone starts off with detox, which is the period of time during which your body is getting rid of the substances that have become a part of its day-to-day functions for a long time. This can cause unpleasant side effects. The benefit of going through medically supervised detox is that we make sure to treat the symptoms of withdrawal so that the process is as smooth, comfortable, and safe as possible.

Once detox is done, clients enter inpatient addiction treatment where patients are provided with access to continuous medical, clinical, and psychiatric care, along with an array of wellness features, including a full gym, massage room, and nutrition services. Patients typically meet with psychiatrists weekly, along with medical doctors, therapists, case managers, and the neuro-rehabilitative team.

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