Structured Sober Living

For those continuing their journey in recovery, FHE Health offers help in the form of structured sober living recovery residences. As part of our long-term continuum of care, Sober Living is ideal for those completing Residential Treatment and participating in our Outpatient services.

Our Sober Living Services Compared to Others

At FHE Health, aftercare services for those that have been cared for through treatment are proven to work. We understand the need for support in the early days of recovery and have provided anything and everything that we can to the graduates

Sober Living For Graduates
The chances of relapse are highest just after completing treatment. At FHE Health, we understand the importance of support after treatment concludes, so we have come up with sober living solutions for both men and women that provide a safe haven for those in early recovery. These residences provide a way for those that have recently completed drug or alcohol rehab to re-enter into society gradually, by being surrounded by support, in contrast to being thrown into reality to fend for oneself. Sober living environments give recovering individuals structure and a plan that revolves directly around their sobriety and implements knowledge and skills that have been learned throughout addiction treatment before living alone.
Sober Living Homes
Sober living homes give newly clean individuals the motivation, support, and skill development needed to live a sober life in early recovery. FHE Health has two sober living homes, one for each of the sexes, so that residents can remain focused on recovery goals without distraction from the opposite sex.

Sober homes are designed for individuals who have completed a stay at a one of our treatment programs. Someone that has already detoxed and been given the proper tools for relapse prevention through therapy will have the best chance of success from a sober living experience. Choosing to live in a sober living house is completely up to the individual in recovery. However, our sober living services are strongly suggested for all who have completed one of our treatment programs.

What to Expect in a Sober Living Home
FHE Health’s sober living facilities are located just off our main campus, so men and women who opt for additional aftercare treatment services will still be able to utilize all facilities and services on our main campus. These aftercare services are a recommended 90-day stay to ensure the best possibility of success in recovery. Men and women who choose a sober living experience post treatment will have access to:

– Private rooms in newly renovated homes with state of the art accommodations

– The medical staff at the main campus

– Psychological services, such as options to see the attending clinician and group and individualized therapy sessions.

– Medication management services

– Employment assistance programs and career planning

– Spirituality advancement classes such as meditation and yoga

– Sober activities & events such as reef snorkeling & professional sporting games

– Volunteer and group programs to give back to the community

Skill Development
Sober skill development is an influential part of the sober living environment as it teaches those new to sobriety how to implement the strategies they’ve learned in recovery throughout their daily lives and integrate back into society. Sober skills that are touched upon in sober living services include:

  • Proper etiquette and social interaction skill development
  • Responsibility and accountability skill development
  • Nutrition and meal planning skill development
  • Finance and budget planning skill development
  • Career planning and employment skill development
Sober Home Rules
Each sober living house has a set of rules for the residents to adhere to and following these rules are contingent upon your stay. Termination from the program will be a direct result of individuals not adhering to the rules. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining sobriety
  • Curfew
  • Household chores
  • Refraining from violent and inappropriate behavior
  • Working a program of recovery
Sober Living and Relapse Prevention
Relapse is when a recovering addict uses and is no longer sober after treatment. Most of the deaths related to overdose occur as a result of a relapse. This is because a seasoned addict will have a higher tolerance for their drug of choice. However, after detox and sobriety, tolerance for drugs and alcohol diminishes. A newly sober individual who relapses will likely consume the amount of the substance they were previously used to, causing an overdose. Since relapse is mostly seen in the earliest days of recovery, jumping right back into daily life after treatment could bring back old habits and eventually lead to relapse. It’s important to avoid relapse at all costs, especially directly following drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

The Sober Living program at FHE Health gives newly recovered individuals the motivation and support that are crucial during early recovery in order to continue with sobriety goals. Additionally, the Sober Living program provides individuals with the necessary sober skills required to keep relapse at bay and live a life full of quality. Those enrolled in our Sober Living program will be offered the following amenities and opportunities:

  • Accommodating private rooms located in beautiful newly remodeled homes just outside of on our main campus.
  • Access to all medical services and personnel
  • Open use of psychiatric services, including individual and group therapy sessions
  • Prescription medication management through our medical clinic
  • Career planning and job placement services
  • Option to enroll in self-help classes, such as yoga and mindfulness meditation
  • Sober recreational outings and activities, such as bowling, fishing, and sporting events

Our Sober Living Services Compared to Others

At FHE Health, aftercare services for those that have been cared for through treatment are proven to work. We understand the need for support in the early days of recovery and have provided anything and everything that we can to the graduates of our treatment programs so that they have the highest chance of recovery success. Our sober living environments implement a connection to spirituality so that inner peace and comfort can be achieved. Additionally, those who have graduated from our programs are held to a high standard. Our motto implemented at the sober living program is, “It’s either impeccable or unacceptable”, meaning that we expect only the best out of those that choose to further their treatment, and nothing less. We wish not to enable the men and women enrolled in the program, but to provide the tools to live addiction free with the implementation of daily schedules and routines. The number one goal for those that choose to utilize our sober living homes is a lifetime of permanent sobriety.

Most think that addiction recovery is only about refraining from using drugs and alcohol. While giving up substance abuse is a large part of recovery, it is mostly about determining the underlying causes and emotions that feed your addictions. Surrounding yourself with individuals that have encountered through similar circumstances will give you a safe environment to explore the hidden driving factors of addiction into your life. Along with providing you a place to live that holds sobriety as the highest priority, we will also give you a support group that you can rely on to get you through the hardest days of recovery. Group and individualized therapy are services that are offered at our sober living home programs, so treatment can continue as your daily life starts to. Instead of being thrown back into the routine of work, school, and social responsibilities that you so recently left and juggled along with an addiction, you can slowly introduce those areas back to your new, sober lifestyle, while being surrounded by those that are doing the same.

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