Sober Living Services for Treatment Graduates

Experience Sober Living at The Florida House Experience

The chances of relapse are highest just after treatment. We understand the importance of support during early recovery after treatment concludes, so we have come up with sober living solutions for both men and women that provide a safe haven for those in early recovery. These residences provide a way for those that have recently completed drug rehab to re-enter society gradually by being surrounded by support in contrast to being thrown into reality to fend for oneself. Sober living environments give recovering individuals a structure and plan that revolves directly around their sobriety and implements knowledge and skills learned throughout drug addiction treatment before living alone.  

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes give newly clean individuals the motivation, support, and skill development needed to live a sober life in early recovery. The Florida House Experience has two sober living homes, one for each of the sexes so that residents can remain focused on recovery goals without distraction from the opposite sex.

Sober homes are designed for individuals who have completed a stay at a treatment program. A person that has already detoxed and been given tools for relapse prevention through therapy will have the best chance of success from a sober living experience. Choosing to live in a sober living house is completely up to the individual in recovery, yet it is suggested for all who have completed a treatment program. The environment encourages a healthy transition from treatment to daily life for those who are just stretching their sobriety legs.

What to Expect

Our sober living facilities are located just off our main campus, so men and women who opt for additional aftercare treatment services will have use of all that the main campus and all that our South Florida location has to offer; including the beach just minutes from our sober living homes. These aftercare services are a recommended 90-day stay to ensure the best possibility of success in recovery. Men and women who choose a sober living experience post treatment will have access to:

  • Private rooms in newly renovated homes with state of the art accommodations.
  • The medical staff at the main campus.
  • Psychological services like options to see the attending clinician, group, and individualized therapy sessions.
  • Medication management services.
  • Employment assistance programs and career planning.
  • Spirituality advancement classes like meditation and yoga.
  • Sober activities and events like reef snorkeling and professional sporting games.
  • Volunteer and group programs to give back to the community.

Why Gender-Specific?

We implement a sober living environment that gives our patients the highest chance of long-term recovery success. To do this, we separate our men and women patients into their own sober living home facilities. This provides a number of benefits, most importantly a safe environment where individuals feel safe and secure enough to move forward with their recovery progress. Additional benefits of a gender-specific sober living home environment include:

  • Surrounding recovering individuals with those that can more relate to their circumstances gives them added support. Women and men can better clearly identify with peers of their own gender since they have that in common. Building support from peers that can relate to struggles that come with addiction provides motivation and determination to a recovering addict. Gender-specific sober living homes provide a peer supportive environment that encourages healing and growth during recovery even after treatment.
  • Studies show that men and women are more likely to share their innermost emotions with those of the same gender. Recovery is about determining driving factors of addiction, and having support from those living under the same roof helps those living in sober living homes determine addiction factors. Sharing feelings with others is a good way to uncover feelings that a recovering individual may not even know is there. Gender-specific homes make it easier to do so.
  • Most recognizably, gender-specific living environments eliminate the distraction from sexual and romantic relationships. In early recovery, it is imperative to focus on sobriety over any other aspect of life. It’s a sentimental time that can set in stone how a person will act in the following days and years after treatment. Most relapses happen the first days after treatment, so support and guidance should be provided without risk of distraction. Romantic relationships are distractions for those in early recovery. It can take the focus off of recovery and place it elsewhere, causing a heightened risk for addiction relapse. Gender-specifics eliminate the possibility of these distractions so that sobriety can be the number one priority.


Skill Development and Rules

Sober skill development is an influential part of the sober living environment as it teaches those new to sobriety how to implement their recovery into daily life and assimilate back into society. Sober skills that are touched upon in sober living services include:

  • Proper etiquette and social interaction skill development
  • Responsibility and accountability skill development
  • Nutrition and meal planning skill development
  • Finance and budget planning skill development
  • Career planning and employment skill development


men's and women's gender-specific sober living at FHE in Deerfield Beach South Florida

The point of sober living is to get individuals who are newly sober assimilated into a recovery lifestyle without diving right back into their old lives and habits. Sober living homes invite those fresh out of treatment to live out the structured routines they need –  going to school, work, and maintaining a social life. These homes are not rehabilitation, but a way to practice what was learned during treatment. Each sober living house has a set of rules for the residents to adhere to. Maintaining sobriety, curfew, and meetings are all required rules for residents of a sober living home, and termination from the program is a result of not adhering to them. Along with the behavioral guidelines, those that live in a sober living home will also have to complete household chores and refrain from violent or inappropriate behavior.

The best chance of recovery success is evident when an individual does all they can to implement sobriety into life. Sober living homes do this since they still make sobriety a high priority and a continuous effort. Additionally, sober living homes provide a recovering individual with guidance and support during the toughest time in addiction recovery, the early days right after treatment. You don’t have to jump right back into the old life that perpetuated your addiction cycle. You can continue your treatment and assimilate back into real time simultaneously through sober living facilities. You don’t have to be left to fend for yourself after treatment ends. The Florida House Experience is more than treatment, it is a family, and we would like to invite you to become a lasting family member by continuing your stay with us after treatment concludes by living in our sober living homes, designed with you and your addiction in mind.

Men’s Sober Living

Men’s sober living facilities give newly graduated treatment clients the option to live in an environment with continual sobriety support and mandatory recovery goals.

Women’s Sober Living

The women’s sober living program at Florida House Experience gives women the needed skill development and support system post treatment that raises the chance for success in long-term recovery.