People struggling with substance abuse or a mental health disorder need treatment from a skilled, licensed facility. Yet the thought of entering such a program may seem financially impossible. How can you pay for this type of care? Most often, there are supportive services available to help you.

If you believe you need and can benefit from drug and alcohol treatment, or if you have a mental health disorder, call FHE Health. Don’t give up, and don’t put off calling due to financial concerns. Our team can and will help you. For a free, no-risk consultation or just to get immediate help, call (844) 299-0618 right away for a skilled professional who can assist you.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Addiction or Mental Health Treatment?

How Insurance has to cover addiction and mental healthIn many cases, insurance plans cover the cost of addiction and mental health treatment 100 percent. Individuals who are unsure if their private health insurance offers this coverage can contact our team at FHE Health. We can verify coverage for you in a matter of minutes. This will tell you exactly what type of care your plan covers and what that means for your care with us.

The American Medical Association sees drug and alcohol addiction as medical conditions that are diagnosable as well as treatable. As a result of this definition and their classification as substance use disorders, health insurance must cover these types of conditions under their treatment plans for those holding their policies.

Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as substance use disorders allows for the same level of coverage as any other ailment. Just as a person’s heart disease or cancer must be covered, so must substance use disorders.

What Does “Verifying” My Insurance Mean?

what are the steps to getting insurance verified for treatmentAs noted, we can verify your coverage. To do this, we gather information about what type of insurance you have (based on your coverage provider and policy number) and then contact your insurance provider to find out what type of coverage you have that applies to the services we offer. This process does not mean we will provide services or that you have to receive services from us. However, in a matter of an hour or less, in most cases, you’ll know what type of coverage you have and what the costs to you may be.

Our process verifies the status of your plan, the care your plan pays for and the deductibles you must pay. This is a free process, will have no impact on your employment or insurance, and it is also 100 percent confidential.

FHE Health also accepts private health insurance purchased on the Health Insurance Marketplace as well as state-government organized plans. We’re happy to give you more information when you contact our admissions counselors.

What Type of Plans Do You Accept?

We accept most types of health insurance plans. This includes insurance under the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”) or Health Insurance Marketplace plans. We also accept supplemental plans and other forms of insurance (government-backed as well as private health plans).

When you contact us, we can verify any insurance company you may be affiliated with and provide you with information about what coverage is available to you.

What Types of Services Are Typically Covered By Insurance?

Every plan is different. However, most plans cover the cost of addiction treatment and mental health treatment rather extensively. Among the coverage provided by most plans are the following types of service.

  • Assessments: Initial assessments for drug and alcohol addiction as well as for mental health disorders are a component of most health plan coverage. This includes coming to our location, meeting with our team and having a full psychiatric evaluation completed.
  • Psychiatric Services: Working with a psychiatrist for substance use disorder is a covered service under most plans. Our team is licensed and certified to provide these services to you, which means these services are recognized by most health insurance plans.
  • Detoxification: Individuals who are in a critical state of care and are using alcohol or drugs right now can receive detox coverage. This pays for you to receive care at our facility to allow you to detoxify or remove the chemical substances from your body that you’re addicted to. This is done in a medically supervised facility by trained and licensed medical doctors. Individuals who have mental health disorders and need to be stabilized can also receive coverage for immediate needs like this. Detox services are available on an emergency basis but also as the first step in treatment for many patients. Our counselors help determine who needs to enter detox.
  • Inpatient, Residential Care: Many people need inpatient care, in which the individual enters a treatment program and remains there. Though this is not the same as hospitalization, the setup is similar in that you remain at our location for a specific number of days or weeks. The length of residential care depends on the patient’s needs. We can verify how much time your insurance provider offers to you through your plan.
  • Outpatient, Ongoing Care: Outpatient care is typically necessary for most people; some individuals need only this type of treatment. Your insurance plan will cover outpatient care including individual and group counseling sessions. Our outpatient care is a recognized service covered by most plans.

The specific type and amount of coverage you have depend on your plan. When you call our admissions counselors, we will verify this information for you.

How Are Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Treatment Covered?

What is a fail-first' insurance planFederal law puts in place your right to receive coverage for substance use disorders and mental health conditions. This is done under the 2008 Affordable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act.

These laws created significant changes to health insurance policies. Under them, conditions such as substance abuse disorders and other behavioral health conditions are recognized conditions, and health insurance companies are required to provide coverage for them. Insurance companies must provide care for diagnosing and treating these conditions the same way they would any other medical condition a person has. This includes all private and public health insurance plans.

Previous to these laws, individuals with a substance use disorder often lacked health insurance coverage as a result of being deemed to have a pre-existing health condition. They could not obtain private health insurance plans or purchase coverage through some providers because they already had a substance use disorder. The Affordable Care Act limits this. Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, including substance use disorders and mental health conditions, can now obtain a health insurance policy without fear of being turned down due to a pre-existing health condition.

If you don’t have health insurance but wish to obtain a plan that covers your care here at FHE Health, our team can help you apply for coverage. This can help to reduce your costs significantly.

What If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance and cannot or do not want to purchase it, you have other options for your care. At FHE Health, we offer self-pay. That is, we can provide you with information about our services, and you can pay out-of-pocket for the care you need. We are always upfront about costs and offer competitive rates.

In addition to this, we can give you tips and help you obtain financial support in many cases. We can direct you to helplines that may help you reduce or eliminate the costs for this care as well. We encourage you to call us now to learn more about your options.

What Should You Do Right Now?

Call FHE Health at (844) 299-0618 to learn more about our mental health treatment and substance use disorder care. We can verify coverage, talk to you about costs and help you find resources to cover the cost of addiction treatment. Don’t put off getting the help you need to improve your quality of life. Contact us now.

You can also fill out a form on this page to submit your health insurance information to our team.

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