Florida House Experience Admissions

At The Florida House Experience, we understand that the most difficult step in recovery is the first one – reaching out for the help you need. Our Admissions Team is comprised of highly experienced, down-to-earth individuals, trained to comfortably guide you through the admissions process. Our team is sensitive to your situation and will patiently work with you to ensure that you are taking the appropriate steps towards your recovery. Our admissions process includes an initial assessment, which is conducted to determine which recovery treatment will be the best fit for you and if our facility is the best fit for you. Upon completion of the assessment, one of our Admissions Specialists will orient you on what to expect when entering drug and alcohol treatment and guide you through a safe and successful transition and arrival to The Florida House Experience.

  • Donny Martinelli
    Donny Martinelli
    Director of Admissions
  • John Dreyer
    John Dreyer
    Director of Care Coordination
  • Ralph Tenaglia
    Ralph Tenaglia
    Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Jeffrey Weinstein
    Jeffrey Weinstein
    National Outreach Coordinator
  • Craig Ewing
    Craig Ewing
    National Outreach Liaison

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