Planning Your Continuum
of Care Starts Today

At The Florida House Experience, we understand that recovering from a substance misuse disorder is not a process that happens overnight, and that long-term solutions must be in place to prevent relapse. While in our inpatient rehabilitation program, which is the most intense level of clinical treatment, it is important to start thinking about and planning your long-term recovery plan. A continuum of care helps to ensure that you will keep getting care, rather than abruptly ending after 28 days. During residential treatment, you will receive concentrated therapy and medical support in a structured, monitored environment. But what happens after you leave the enclosure of the Florida House facility? At The Florida House Experience, having a continuum of care means the creation of a comprehensive treatment plan that serves your best interest both during and after your inpatient stay with us.

Continuous care ensures that a beat isn’t missed as you transition to a lower level of care. You will be with doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists who know your history and have been by your side throughout treatment. In the event that a doctor needs to be changed, we will ensure that all appropriate information gets transferred to the new doctor so that they can pick up right where they need to. With our continuum of care, you don’t need to stress about looking for your own doctors and therapists once rehab is over. We take the anxiety and headache right out of it by taking care of it for you ourselves.

 Post-Inpatient / Outpatient Services at FHE

The Florida House Experience offers a complete continuum of care for drug addiction

Partial Hospitalization (PHP),Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) services are offered to patients seeking a continuum of care after stepping down from our full-time residential program. Outpatient treatment can also be for people who are only beginning their recovery experience and wish to implement treatment into their everyday lives, while still working or keeping up with normal duties and activities. Patients enrolled in outpatient services may have day or night time obligations like work, school, or family that keep them from the option of doing a traditional residential program. For those who have successfully graduated from inpatient treatment, these continuum programs at FHE provide an opportunity to start re-integrating back into the “real” world. Ideally, addiction treatment should be as intense as possible from the beginning, while slowly tapering down until the client is able to maintain recovery by themselves, rather than an abrupt transition after a short-term rehabilitation.

Outpatient services should be the next step after a full-time treatment program is successfully completed after a period of 30 or more days. It is understood, however, that some people cannot afford to give all of their time to treatment, so starting with an outpatient program is better than not receiving treatment at all. Always remember, the more time you can give to your recovery, the better chance you have at success!

Our continuum of care services allows for clients to breathe easy. Clients and their family members can rest assured that their post-treatment care will be handled, and not a beat will be skipped. Without a continuum of care, unfortunately, many people relapse right out of treatment and end up right where they started. We don’t want this to happen to any of our clients, and we know that the care received right after rehab is just as crucial as going to rehab in the first place.

In the outpatient program, the following services are provided:

– Individual Therapy

– Group Therapy Sessions

– Specialty Group Therapy Sessions & Individual Therapy Sessions

– Family Therapy

– Neuro-Rehabilitative Services

– Case Management/Discharge Planning services

– Meditation and Spirituality Workshops

– Recreational Therapy

– Comprehensive Psychiatric Services

– 12-Step Meetings

– Health/Wellness and Nutrition

– Yoga and Fitness Center

– Pool Access

– Computer lab access

– Alumni and Community Outreach Resource Center

– Sober Support

Sober Living Housing Environments are available on our outpatient campus for clients who wish to have that option for additional support. We also offer continued psychiatric, medical, neurological, and family care. Our outpatient campus has two pools, outdoor grills, and a jojo’s cafe for food.

Services Provided by FHE as Part of Our Continuum of Care:

Medical Treatment: All patients, residential and outpatient, have access to medical services like medical evaluation, prescription assistance and refills, and general health clinic. When necessary, we also make sure to set up our clients with doctors in their home towns or outside of our immediate network of doctors. We understand medical needs may change, and so might the way you access them. Our number one goal is to make sure that our clients get uninterrupted medical care so that things like missed medication or testing doesn’t have to be an issue. 

Psychiatric Treatment: Participating outpatient individuals have access to guidance from our staff psychologists, psychiatric assessments, and prescription providence and assistance. Just as with medical treatment, we make sure that a plan is in place for our clients to continue receiving care for their mood disorders to ensure that recovery and sobriety are never compromised. 

Clinical Therapy: All tiers of The Florida House Experience’s continuing care clients receive both small-group and individual therapy with their specific therapist, with the frequency depending on the level of their outpatient or step-down treatment. Depending on the level of care, clients can step down to multiple hours per week and taper all the way down to one once they feel more comfortable in their sobriety. There are huge benefits to having a familiar face and person to speak to about issues as they arise.

Neurological Component: Our team of Neuroscientists and Psychologists evaluate, quantitatively, exactly where addiction has affected your brain. From there, the Neuro-Rehabilitation team tailors specific protocols to target and treat these brain areas. This is available to in both the Inpatient and Outpatient settings to receive a full continuum of Neuro-Rehabilitative treatment.

Family Component: Research has shown that Families play a pivotal role in overcoming addiction. At the Florida House Experience, we boast a strong family program that includes a personal Family Therapist who is working with family members at least weekly. This begins in the inpatient setting and continues through the outpatient setting and even after discharge. FHE also provides a monthly 3-day Family Workshop for families to come for more intensive treatment with their loved one(s). Our Family involvement does not stop there, as we offer support groups for families even after the patient has discharged

Aftercare Resources: Florida House also offers aftercare assistance and case management, to help our outpatient clients and residential graduates handle real-world difficulties they may encounter post-treatment. These resources include a sober-living environment, job placement assistance, resume building, and access to our Alumni center and computer lab. The steps taken right after rehab are crucial in reintegrating back into the real world. We like to give our clients all the tools they can possibly need for success in their recovery. Things like getting a decent job and having an income can greatly help a person build their self-esteem, and also to allow them to stand on their own two feet and become a productive member of society. Our alumni center also allows for contact to be kept between peers and a 24/7 support network.

Continuing Care, Around Your Schedule

Our outpatient programs are offered both during the day or at night. The daytime program involves group and individualized meetings every day of the week. The Outpatient PM program is for patients who can only attend treatment during nighttime hours. Group sessions for the PM program are held three times a week and individualized sessions are held at least once a week. All outpatient group programs include roughly 8-20 members to provide individualized support and give everyone the option to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Outpatient programs are generally designed to be 4-12 weeks long with completion decided upon by medical and clinical staff members depending on the amount of progress made.  

Our scheduling allows every person to get the continued care they need so much. No matter what work, school, or life responsibilities exist, it is possible to find a way to keep getting treatment and ensure your long-term health and sobriety.

Addiction recovery takes a lot of work. Our clients are worth it!