Men’s Sober Living At The Florida House Experience

Men’s sober living facilities give men that have recently graduated from our treatment programs the option to live in an environment with continual sobriety support and mandatory recovery goals. Because the highest risk of relapse runs during early recovery, it is imperative to gradually enter back into society with a recovery goal-oriented mindset. Relapsing individuals account for the largest number of deaths by overdose yearly and should be avoided at all costs. Implementing relapse prevention techniques and surrounding yourself with as much support as possible should be the number one priority for anyone that has just completed an addiction treatment program.

Our sober living homes are a recommended 90-day stay program that is offered to anyone that has had some kind of addiction treatment. At the least, an individual enrolling in a sober living home should have completed a detox program. A sober living environment gives men in early recovery the highest chance of long-term recovery success by implementing the goals and mindset of consistency, accountability, and responsibility. Those who enter our men’s sober living residential homes can expect to experience:

  • Accommodating private rooms located in beautiful newly remodeled homes just outside of on our main campus.
  • Access to all medical services and personnel
  • Open use of psychiatric services, including individual and group therapy sessions
  • Prescription medication management through our medical clinic
  • Career planning and job placement services
  • Option to enroll in self-help classes, such as yoga and mindfulness meditation
  • Sober recreational outings and activities, such as bowling, fishing, and sporting events

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