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We have found that 37% of First Responders suffer from behavioral health problems, such as Addiction and PTSD. The rate of attempted suicide among First Responders is steadily increasing to more than 10 times the rate of the general population. This population includes, but is not limited to, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Correctional Officers, EMT’s, and 9/11 Dispatchers. Not only are our First Responder’s dealing with these issues, but they find it difficult to ask for help due to the reason that they are called upon to help everyone else – they are not the ones who should need help.

First Responders are a special group of people that serve and protect all of us on a daily basis and we are dedicated to helping them in their time of need. We acknowledge and embrace that they have their own culture, code, and values within our society, and offer specialized services to best fit their exceptional needs. We wish to provide a place where First Responders feel right at home, so we have created a comprehensive addiction program called Shatterproof in order to fulfill their unique needs.

Shatterproof employs evidence based therapies, innovative medical care, and a comprehensive wellness program, which focuses on symptoms of PTSD, in order to guide our First Responders on the right path into achieving their life-long recovery from drugs and alcohol. Shatterproof is designed to help First Responders overcome specific obstacles and increase their ability to manage their emotions during stressful situations, without turning to self-medication.

Our medical team works to customize a care plan tailored to the underlying issues that contribute to substance use disorders.  Our evidence based, holistic treatment approach addresses every individuals physical, neurological, mental, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We also utilize a peer-support group model to help improve our patients’ outcomes by placing patients together who have similar backgrounds. This will allow patients to feel more comfortable, resulting in a receptive treatment. These treatment approaches are utilized throughout our continuum of care.

  • Detox
  • Intensive Inpatient
  • Residential
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Sober living

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