You have completed the residential and/or outpatient program and are ready to move on from treatment, but now what do you do? The Florida House Experience does not stop administering support and help for patients just because they’ve finished treatment. Recovery isn’t just about treatment, it’s about living a life with the high priority of sobriety each day. Support and guidance are still necessary and helpful after treatment concludes. Since recovery does not end when you leave treatment, it’s important to understand that long-term recovery is the goal of treatment. For this reason, we arrange and provide alumni and aftercare services for our patients. Our alumni program is the most comprehensive aftercare support system in the country, so you rest assured that even after treatment is completed you will still be surrounded by the care and support of the family environment here at The Florida House Experience. All of our alumni members are welcome to participate in weekly alumni meetings, community events, and act as role models for members enrolled in drug or alcohol addiction treatment. 

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Resource Center and Alumni Services

Graduates of our treatment programs are encouraged and welcomed to utilize our resources and services at no cost. Once you are a patient at The Florida House Experience, you are a part of the recovery family. This means that your recovery is always important and worth fighting for. Support from our ongoing services gives graduates of the program the help that may be needed once treatment is over to help continue a life of sobriety. Resources provided for patients who have completed our program include:

  • Lifetime access to the Resource Center with computer and internet availability
  • Complete care from medical and psychiatric services
  • Job assistance and placement programs
  • Interview skill development and resume building career services
  • Treatment aftercare housing placement services
  • Transportation assistance services
  • We have alumni support alumni available 24/7
  • Community volunteer events on a weekly basis
  • Recreational alumni events and activities planned each month
  • FHE sponsored dinner and meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm 

We take pride in the fact that we encourage our alumni to be active members of the community. Numerous charities are a part of our community give back projects including Kids in Distress, Fruitful Fields, Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding South Florida, Recovery Month, and Broward Partnership Hunger and Homeless. Additional to community volunteering opportunities, alumni are encouraged to utilize job placement services, where we have placed graduates of our programs in over 252 total jobs in a multitude of different businesses and industries. These career services offer job interview practice and even supply professional attire for those in need.

Keeping in Touch

The Florida House Experience loves to keep a tight family atmosphere by implementing alumni and aftercare services that help to keep treatment graduates in touch. Our alumni group has a staggering 400 local members and about 100 members participate in our weekly alumni meeting. This meeting is held every Wednesday from 7-9 PM at our Inpatient North building cafeteria. These meetings are alumni sponsored and always catered by the one and only Jojo’s cafe. Speakers from all over are invited to share testimonials and spread hope to alumni with varying sobriety dates, ranging from just one month to many years. 

Along with the weekly alumni meeting, each month the alumni department puts on a gathering intended to bring families of recovered addicts together for a fun day of recreational activities like ice skating, softball games, bingo night, snorkeling, team building ropes courses workshops and much more. We understand that addiction is a disease that not only affects the person struggling with addiction but each and every person that loves that individual. A family is a vital part of the recovery process, which is why we implement the importance of family even in our alumni services. 

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Long distance graduates are kept in the loop with occasional check-in phone calls, weekly newsletters, and The Florida House Experience’s various social media outlets. We also just began a yearly retreat in 2016 that takes place over a weekend away at a lakeside camp, where alumni gather and reunite for guest alumni speaker meetings, morning meditations, swimming, kayaking, campfires, and our very own Olympic events, where teams determined by cabin take part in some healthy competition for prizes.  Wherever our alumnus resides, the Florida House family is committed to helping with long term support and sobriety, from the days leaving treatment for the rest of their lives.

Our alumni group is one of the few fully functioning groups of its kind in the United States. We understand and implement the importance of alumni support in treatment, which is why alumni and aftercare services are so important. All alumni are encouraged to keep in touch with the peers and advisors they have come to know during their stay at The Florida House Experience. We want to know where are treatment graduates are and how they are doing because we really care. Once you enroll at The Florida House Experience, you are a part of the family forever.

Aftercare Services

Sober Living environments provide a supportive environment for people as they have just recently finished treatment. Many times, it is not healthy to enter back into an old lifestyle, since it can trigger a relapse. Relapse is extremely dangerous in the first days of early recovery since tolerance levels are not where they were before detox. Those that relapse during early days of recovery are at a higher risk for overdose. In fact, most of the overdose deaths that happen in the world happen during early days of recovery. For this reason, we have developed aftercare programs that are designed to keep sobriety in the front of newly treated individuals’ minds.

Support is a huge aspect of a successful long-term recovery plan. Those new to recovery should implement a support group as soon as they can. Sober living environments give those that are fresh out of treatment a place to stay where they are surrounded by peers that have been through similar situations. Additionally, our sober living facilities are gender-specific, so you won’t have to worry about extra distractions in the home. Surround yourself with people that want you to succeed in your recovery and you will have a higher chance of long-term recovery success. The friends made during this crucial time of recovery are some that you will keep for the rest of your life, and also some that will support you in your recovery goals for the rest of your days as well.

Jumping right back into your old routine will surely bring about triggers and cravings you didn’t even think of during treatment. Recovery is not just about stopping the use of drugs or alcohol. It’s about changing your lifestyle so that those things are no longer a priority. If you run right back to a group of friends or coworkers that place drugs or alcohol at a high priority in life, you will likely feel the need to do the same. Don’t throw away your time in treatment by rushing back to real time. Sober living homes give you a chance to keep your sobriety at the top of your list by implementing consistency, accountability, and responsibility. During your stay at our sober living homes, you will be held accountable for your actions so that you will understand the importance of keeping sobriety a priority in your life.

Aftercare options give you a chance to continue your treatment while you implement other aspects of your daily life. You don’t have to rush to get back into the swing of things. In fact, you shouldn’t. Let us help you gradually develop a new lifestyle in our sober living home environments, where you will learn to develop sober living skills that will help you keep your long-term recovery goals.