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The Florida House Experience is a nationally recognized, dually accredited behavioral health treatment facility that offers the highest quality of care. Our mission is to provide safe, effective, medically integrated behavioral healthcare to revitalize brain function and restore health to patients and their families. Our vision is to deliver innovative brain therapies to inspire patients and families to pursue healthy, productive lives.

At the Florida House Experience, we believe in delivering innovative and effective care that delivers better and faster outcomes. The way we do this is by relentlessly integrating scientific and medical innovations into our precise therapeutic approach that results in accelerated healing of the brain, body, and behaviors. Our treatment empowers our clients and their families to live loving and inspired lives.


Comfortable medically supervised detox process that is tailored to fit each patient.

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State-of-the-art inpatient facility where patient reside, until medically stable up to 30 days.

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World-class, outpatient medical community where patients can receive flexible treatment.

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Neuro Feedback for Addiction Treatment

While other treatment centers diagnose based on only the description of symptoms, better known as “guesswork,” Florida House employs a team of Neuroscientists and Psychologists to evaluate exactly where addiction has affected your brain with our cutting-edge Neuro-Rehabilitative services.

Our Clinical Programs

behavioral health programs

Behavioral Health

Comprehensive addiction and behavioral health treatment programs with long term rehabilitation services.

working while in recovery

Working in Recovery

This program caters to clients who have jobs, families, businesses, or are loved ones of individuals with substance abuse.

first responders treatment program

First Responders

A separate and specific program for police officers, fire fighters, correctional officers, and EMT's struggling with addiction.

sober skills

Sober Skills

Individuals enrolled in this program receive help from the career building service department of the alumni and aftercare programs.

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What Our Patients Have To Say

You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)

At The Florida House Experience, we treat the whole person – mind, body, spirit and brain –and strive to provide our patients with a well-rounded recovery strategy. On the contrary, most other treatment centers only focus on the clinical component of treatment, thoughts and feelings.

To begin treatment services, we start with a medical exam to determine or rule out any medical conditions a patient may have. We then perform a complete psychiatric assessment to determine any chemical imbalances the patient may be suffering from.

Next, we complete a neurological assessment to specifically identify what areas of the brain are affected by addiction and other mental health disorders that have come about as a result of the dysregulation brain.

Finally, we perform psychological tests on our patients to identify any mental health conditions that need to be addressed in their course of treatment. These assessments help us determine the best course of treatment and to receive a positive outcome. With this information our multidisciplinary team meets to create effective treatment plan tailored to each individual.

We always begin our Medically Assisted Treatment program by ruling out medical or psychiatric conditions that may be affecting you before we start the clinical process. Our medication-assisted opioid treatment program combines medical and behavioral therapies to treat the whole person. Medical problems can be the underlying reason that addiction started in the first place, so they must be addressed in order for treatment to be successful.
No. Our facility treats patients who are 18 years of age or older. Although, the ages of our patients varies from 18-80 years of age. We have specific groups geared towards the issues relevant to your age and you’ll also live with people within your age group.
Most insurances plans cover all or at least a major portion of treatment. Our admissions personnel will be able to explain in detail the process of getting your insurance to help pay for treatment. Please contact our admissions office at 1-866-421-6242 and a representative will be happy to assist you. Our admissions team is available to speak with 24/7.
Our programs range from 5 days to 6 months. Because several programs exist within The Florida House Experience, our patients will begin with a specific program based upon the level of care they need and continue their recovery with programs that are also tailored to their ever-changing needs.
No. We know that each addiction affects every person differently, so treatment must affect every patient differently. We can customize your care around your life, needs, and goals. Our mission and goal is to help you get better the best way that works for you. Each patient has their own strategy for long-term recovery that is developed specifically by our medical, psychiatric, and clinical compartments. You will also have a case manager dedicated to your treatment goals to make sure treatment is going the way that will benefit you the most.
Like many other top medical facilities, people come from all over the United States to experience our unique model of treatment. Very few local facilities can provide all the levels of care that we do. If you’re from out of state, coming to South Florida for treatment will give you the best opportunity to start fresh at a beautiful new location.
During the first two stages of treatment, patients are not allowed to leave the property unless they are with a staff member. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients. After the initial stages, patients are encouraged to leave campus to find employment, enroll in schooling, and become an active member of the community.
Most focus groups are gender specific and based on relevant issues and specialties. Mixed gender groups are clinically motivated decisions and pertain to subject matter at hand. However, primary therapist individual caseload groups are mixed gender.
The Florida House Experience is not a 12-step based treatment center. Although, we do have daily 12-step meetings on campus for those patients who wish to attend.
Detox and Residential program patients are not permitted to drive their vehicles. As you transition to a lower level of care, you can use your car and park it safely on the campus. For those without vehicles – there are multiple forms of public transportation.
Yes. You can bring and listen to your iPod or MP3 player and have access to it at all levels of care. Also, all apartments are equipped with flat screen TV’s for entertainment during downtime hours. We do not want to restrict fun or keep you in a state of boredom. We want to push you on your new journey in search of sobriety and well-being!
Yes. We understand the importance of paying bills, checking work emails, and staying connected with the outside world. Patients can bring their laptops to the detox and residential level of care and are allowed to use their laptop with permission from their therapist. All other levels of care are not restricted for computer use. Also, our facility is equipped with a resource center that is available to all patients that have enrolled in treatment, even our treatment alumni. This resource center is equipped with a computer lab for resource purposes that can be used if you do not wish to take your laptop to treatment.
You can bring your cell phone and are permitted access to it depending on your level of care. In residential treatment, you are not permitted access to your personal cell phone, but you are allowed access to a telephone to make personal calls. These decisions are clinically driven and residential clients are able to submit passes for approval. Phone time is best kept to a minimum for clients just beginning treatment as they should have few distractions. Our clinical staff maintains regular contact with family members engaged in the treatment process with the patient. As patients transition through the different levels of care they are permitted some additional use of their cell phones.
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