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Specialized Treatment Programs for You

We have a multitude of specific addiction treatment programs and tracks to cater to the needs of each individual who comes into our care.

Neuro Rehabilitative Therapy

For Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Peak Performance

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Treatment Settings

detox facility


Comfortable, medically supervised detox program (for drug detox, alcohol detox, or both) that is tailored to fit each patient. Includes medication assisted treatment options such as drug replacement therapy.

residential treatment


State-of-the-art inpatient facility where patients reside until medically stable for up to 30 days. Our campus-style center features around the clock residential treatment and support for our patients.

outpatient treatment


World-class outpatient rehab center where patients can receive flexible treatment while readjusting to their daily lives addiction free. This type of setting promotes long term success after inpatient treatment.

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Cutting-Edge Treatment Therapies

While other Florida treatment centers diagnose based solely on the description of symptoms, better known as “guesswork,” FHE Health employs a team of Neuroscientists and Psychologists to evaluate and treat addiction and mental health conditions with scientific treatment methods.

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Medical Integration

Integrated medical care is at the heart of what we do. Our team of professionals identify and treat underlying medical conditions that may contribute to behavioral or mental health issues. Addressing these medical needs reveal the true nature of behavioral issues as well as improves long-term outcomes.

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Neuro-Rehabilitative Therapy

For almost every illness or medical condition, there are measures that are used to make a diagnosis, such as x-rays, blood tests, and electrocardiograms. In this same way, we use cutting-edge neuro-rehabilitative technology in treating addiction and mental health conditions.

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Addiction and Behavioral Health Rehab in Florida

At FHE Health, we take a unique diagnostic and predictive approach to your rehab treatment. We use scientific and outcome-based assessments to evaluate all of your behavioral health and substance abuse treatment needs. Then we can craft your personalized treatment plan. Plus, our approach to your unique recovery treatment needs means we have the best chance at getting your personalized treatment right the first time. We don’t believe in guesswork.

FHE Health is a nationally recognized, dually accredited behavioral health and addiction recovery center in Florida that offers the highest quality of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and psychological care. Our mission is to provide safe, effective, medically integrated substance abuse treatment options to revitalize psychological function and restore health to our patients and their families. We've made it our vision to provide innovative brain therapies at our rehab centers that inspire addiction recovery patients and their families to pursue healthy, productive lives after behavioral or alcohol and drug rehab treatment.

At FHE Health, we believe in delivering innovative and effective addiction treatment and behavioral health treatments. We deliver faster and more successful outcomes, setting us apart from all other Florida recovery centers. We do this by constantly integrating and expanding with new scientific and medical innovations, incorporating them into our precise therapeutic approach to encourage accelerated healing of the brain, body, and behaviors. Our south Florida treatment centers empower our patients and their families to live loving and inspired lives.

We offer many different types of mental health and addiction treatment options at our centers.

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