What makes the Florida House different?
FHE Health takes a diagnostic and predictive approach to treatment. We use safe-science and outcome-based measures and assessments to evaluate the whole person prior to developing a personalized treatment plan. Our approach gives us the best chance at getting your treatment right the first time. No Guesswork!
Does FHE offer medication assisted treatment?
Yes, FHE offers Medication Assisted Treatment for those that meet criteria.
Does your treatment center accept people of all ages?
Our facility treats patients who are 18 years of age or older. Although, the ages of our patients vary from 18-80 years of age. We have cohorts geared towards the issues relevant to your age and you’ll also live with people within your cohort group.
Is it possible that my insurance will cover treatment?
Most insurances plans cover all or at least a major portion of treatment. Our admissions personnel will be able to explain in detail the process of getting your insurance to help pay for treatment. Please contact our admissions office and a representative will be happy to assist you. Our admissions team is available to speak with 24/7.
How long does treatment last?
Our programs range from 5 days to 6 months. Because several programs exist within FHE Health, our patients will begin with a specific program based upon the level of care they need and continue their recovery with programs that are also tailored to their ever-changing needs.
Do I have to go through every level of your program to graduate from treatment?
No. Each person’s behavioral health issue is unique to the person, and the length of treatment is determined by a personalized assessment of the person. Each level of care completed is a graduation.
What if I’m from out of state and need treatment?
Like many other top behavioral health facilities, people come from all over the United States to experience our unique model of treatment. Very few local facilities can provide our comprehensive treatment. Our goal is to return you home. If you’re from out of state, coming to South Florida for treatment will give you the best opportunity for recovery.
Can I leave the facility once I have enrolled in treatment?
In the inpatient levels of care, patients can leave the facility if accompanied by a staff member. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients in the most critical stages of treatment. In the Outpatient program, patients are encouraged to independently leave campus to engage in healthy societal and leisure activities. Our patients have the option of commuting to treatment, if local. Our programs also have coordinated off-site activities.
Are males and females in groups together?
Yes, however, we also offer gender-specific programs and groups for those that desire it.
Will I be required to attend 12-step meetings?
FHE is not a 12-step based treatment center. Although, we do provide daily on-site 12-step meetings for those that wish to attend. We also provide transportation to outside meetings.
Can I bring my car to treatment?
Yes, however, access to your vehicle will be restricted in the inpatient levels of care. In our outpatient program, you will have full access. For those without vehicles, we provide staff transportation as well as public transportation options.
Can I bring my cellphone, laptop, or iPod?
Yes, you can bring your electronic devices. We understand that life does not stop when you come to treatment, and you may need access to your devices for business or personal reasons. In the inpatient program, we permit structured, time-specific use of cell phones and computers with your therapist’s permission. In the outpatient program, you will have unrestricted access to your cell phone and computer. You may keep your music players on your person throughout treatment. If you do not have access to a computer or phone, FHE has multiple options for you, including our Alumni Resource Center, where you can utilize the computers for resource purposes.
Does FHE treat Mental Health?
Yes, FHE has a mental health specific program that includes daily therapist check-ins and Doctor visits in the inpatient program. We offer mental health specific groups and services, including our neurorehab program, Ketamine treatment, and on-site psychiatric care.
Can FHE also treat my medical conditions?
Yes, FHE provides robust on-site, daily medical care by our physicians and assistants to address medical conditions that accompany behavioral health problems. Treatments range from the common cold, wound-care, to kidney disease. FHE also provides Certified Nursing Assistants, hospital beds, wheelchairs, oxygen, IV Vitamins and hyrdation for those that require it. These are just a few features of our medically-integrated programs.
Do you have pools or are you near a beach?
Yes, you can enjoy the South Florida sunshine at one of our gender-specific pools. We also provide trips to the beautiful Deerfield Beach, located just over a mile from our facility.
Do you have a gym or other wellness services?
Yes, we have an on-site fitness center, yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

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