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| EMDR Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is integrated for certain clients as part of the treatment process at The Florida House Experience. EMDR therapy is used primarily for treating trauma as a part of addiction rehabilitation. It is a psychotherapy that allows people to have reduced symptoms of emotional distress. EMDR helps make the process of therapy faster and more effective. Treatment that may have once taken months can take weeks, allowing for more effective treatment during addiction rehab.

EMDR has been proven to desensitize the effects of stress related to trauma and negative experience. In addiction recovery, trauma often plays a significant role in contributing to addiction. EMDR is just one treatment approach to confronting past trauma and learning to move past it. EMDR has shown that when the brain’s functioning system is blocked or damaged by a traumatic event, it can continue to get worse and actually grow over time. This is why trauma can have such a prominent effect on substance abuse. As the emotional wound continues to grow, so does addiction. EMDR works to help clients activate their natural healing process of the brain.

According to the EMDR Institute, the following statistics have been found after over 30 controlled outcome studies were done:

  • Up to 90% of single-trauma victims were free of PTSD after three 90-minute sessions.
  • 77% of multiple trauma victims were free of PTSD after six 50-minute sessions.
  • Likewise, 77% of combat veterans were free of PTSD in twelve sessions.

Trauma can come from a variety of things. It is completely personal and depends on a person’s unique situation. When many people think of trauma they think of death or accidents. While these events are traumatic, it can also be because of situations such as divorce, losing a job, losing a place to live, or even physical or sexual abuse.

| EMDR Eight-Phase Treatment

In EMDR therapy, a multitude of different approaches is taken in order to maximize positive results. The past, present, and future is broken down so that the client can identify a past cause of distress, a current cause of distress, and how to approach these kinds of situations in the future.

The eight-phase treatment of EMDR includes:

EMDR helps to expedite the healing process from traumatic situations. What once may have taken months or years can be condensed and remain just as effective with the help of EMDR. It was once thought that extensive therapy was the only way to reverse trauma, but therapy and EMDR is an extremely effective way of helping individuals learn to cope with negative life experiences. EMDR therapy helps the natural healing process on a mental level. When emotional wounds are healed, it becomes much more possible to heal from addiction and move forward with a healthy and sober lifestyle.

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