behavioral health program

What is the Behavioral Health program at FHE?

The Behavioral Health Program at FHE is designed to provide the education and skills necessary to create a supportive and structured environment for clients to learn life and recovery skills that they have not yet been able to demonstrate.  The program is designed to help those who have struggled with making healthy life choices and to make a commitment to recovery and demonstrate independent living skills, self-care, and gain meaningful insight into their addictive or mental health issues in order to course correct.

Who is the program intended for?

The program is intended for any person struggling with addiction, mental health, or both that needs guidance, structure and support in living an independent, healthy and productive life. Clients in the program will learn about their condition, the recovery process, activities of daily living, self-regulation and self-reliance techniques, and the steps necessary to create a healthy social, occupational, vocational, and familial environment to recover.

What can I expect at the Behavioral Health program?

We have licensed and PhD clinicians and psychologists to support you in your recovery process. We have case managers that follow you from admission to discharge to assist you in various life areas.

The Behavioral Health Program Features:

The unique feature of the Behavioral program is the peer-support model of care. In this program, you will be with the same cohort throughout your stay that have a similar situation to your own. By being around those that have the same struggles, you can develop and strong support system to assist you throughout your recovery process. Another unique feature is the structured treatment environment that allows for the development of independent living and recovery skills.

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