What is Substance Use Disorder and Addiction?

How many times have you sat in front of the TV with a bag of chips, and suddenly you realized that you ate the whole bag. You had no control. Well imagine doing that with a substance that can harm your body, or worse, kill you.

Substance addiction, also referred to as a Substance Use Disorder, is a condition whereby an individual becomes dependent on an illegal or legal substance. In addition to physical and mental health problems, when a person becomes addicted to a substance, families are broken, jobs are lost, and most addicts have brushes with the law. Most individuals suffering with Substance Use Disorder want to quit, but the urges are too strong. Becoming sober is a long process and most people cannot do this on their own.

Drug addiction destroys the lives of millions every year. At the Florida House Experience, we offer confidential innovative substance abuse programs to help patients break the cycle of substance abuse and repair the damage it has caused in their lives.

With our cutting-edge therapies, as well as group and individualized counseling, our experienced specialists have helped thousands of patients recover from drug addiction. We are an award winning licensed drug addiction rehab that offers:

  • Drug Detox Program
  • Residential Inpatient Treatment Program
  • Outpatient Treatment Program
  • High-End Amenities & Modern Living Accommodations
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Neuro Rehabilitative Program
  • 24/7 Alumni Support
  • And Much More

Substance Abuse Treatment at the Florida House Experience

Do You Need Help With Drug Addiction?

If the following applies to you, then the Florida House Experience may be the right choice:

  • Inability to stop using drugs, even after trying
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using drugs
  • A lack of interests or hobbies
  • An increased amount of time spent alone
  • A neglect in dealing with personal hygiene
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Changes in appetite and eating patterns
  • Increased paranoia, anxiety, or depression
  • Sudden changes in moods

Here at The Florida House Experience, we pride ourselves in being on the forefront of substance abuse and mental health care, offering cutting-edge approaches that integrate the medical, psychiatric, and clinical components of treatment, such as our Neuro-Rehabilitative Services. We firmly believe that any mental health disorder diagnosis should be quantifiable and that the recommended treatments for our patients have been proven effective.

While other treatment centers diagnose based only the description of symptoms, also known as “guess work,” we utilize a series of biometrics, based on brain imaging, genetic blood testing, and other advanced protocols to provide our patients with a full interpretation of their condition. These biometrics and diagnostic tools are used to scientifically track the progression of treatment and even predict when our patients will experience a relapse or “flare-up” with their disorder. By using state-of-the-art systems, like our qEEG-guided Neurofeedback, we are able to personalize each patients’ treatment plan to fit their specific needs. In order to satisfy the needs of each patient, we offer an 8-Tier Neuro-Rehabilitative treatment program which includes:

  • Comprehensive Neuro-Psychological Testing
  • Heart Rate Variability & Biosound Monitoring
  • Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG)
  • QEEG-Guided Neurofeedback Training
  • Electrical Nerve Stimulation Therapy
  • High Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy
  • Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy
  • Computerized Cognitive Brain Training

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