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| Opiate Addiction

The problem with opiate abuse in the United States of America only grows larger with each new day. Doctors are prescribing these drugs to individuals who do not know what they are, let alone their addictive properties. Even the elderly and children are at risk for developing an addiction to these deadly and dangerous drugs because of their easy accessibility. In 2010 alone, over 210 million Americans had a prescription for opiates filled. In the same year, it was reported that over 12 million Americans used opiates without a prescription for them. These amounts combined are enough drugs to give every American a pill a day for a whole month. The problem has been identified, and now we must move to resolve it. Thankfully, treatment can help cure an addiction to opiates; although it may not be the most glamorous or exciting process in the world.

Opiates are drugs derived from the poppy seed plant and a subcategory of opioids. Each year the number of opiate users increases, so does the need for treatment. Opiates were made to have the same effects of morphine and what was created was a drug with euphoric effects only very few others can contest. Along with their effortless accessibility, this is cause for the epidemic sweeping the nation of high amounts of individuals addicted to these drugs. Opiates can be found in prescription drugs, but are also sold for recreational purposes illicitly. Treatment for addiction to opiates is a challenging endeavor, but it is possible with medical, psychological, and clinical approaches guided by the professionals at The Florida House Experience.

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