The Florida Fentanyl Mail Order Pipeline

Florida Heroin delivery

Mail order fentanyl flows in from China

According to experts, every day more than 1 million packages reach the United States through the global postal system without the important security information law enforcement agencies need to stop and inspect packages that could contain deadly drugs and other illicit items.

In Florida, this flow of drugs arriving in the mail, especially fentanyl, has caused the overdose rate to almost double in recent years. Thanks to the dark web, this postal pipeline allows for easy access to an international supply of fentanyl, recently classified as a Schedule I Substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Mailed foreign fentanyl is often disguised as prescription medication or mixed with other drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Often, victims are completely unaware of the risks of what they’re consuming.

As the flow of drugs continues, government officials are looking to use advanced technology to help screen out suspicious packages. One such effort is the proposed Synthetics Trafficking & Overdose Prevention (STOP) Act, which would do just that by requiring this advance electronic security data for all packages coming into the United States

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To learn more details about how deadly drugs are being mailed to Florida, please visit the Miami Herald.

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