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What sets The Florida House Experience apart from other drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs is the array of specialized and comprehensive treatment programs and tracks that we present. We offer recovery for people from all walks of life, that are struggling with all different degrees of substance use and mental health disorders. We understand that every single one of our patients is unique and that their treatment plan must reflect that uniqueness. We offer a complete continuum of care, including medically assisted detoxification, residential/inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient services, sober living services, and alumni and aftercare services.

It is essential to recovery that addiction treatment be all-inclusive; it has to touch on every part of the patient’s life because addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life. Our specialty services take the extra step towards providing additional care for special situations where therapies beyond the standard addiction treatment may be needed. Our dedicated staff is uniquely trained in dealing with varying circumstances, ensuring that our patients will be receiving the best care possible.

| Specialized Services

Depending on client’s history and severity of conditions, they may qualify for one or more of our specialized treatment programs. The Florida House Experience is distinct in that we offer, which includes a variety of specialized treatment tracks and programs for those with special needs in order to better serve addicts from all walks of life.

Below is a summary of each of the programs we offer here at The Florida House Experience. If you are unsure as to what treatment program at is best suited for you, one of our admission specialists will be happy to help you throughout the process.

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