Broward County Drug Rehab: Familial & Socioeconomic Factors of Addiction

Broward County Drug Rehab – Causes of Addiction

florida house drug rehabFHE Health, a Broward County drug rehab facility, helps their clients understand and come to terms with their addiction. An addiction is an unhealthy dependence on drugs or alcohol that causes consequences in your life that can ruin your life as a whole. Drug and alcohol addicts can attend Broward County drug rehab for treatment. Addictions cannot be controlled and they’re not something that you can do every now and then. When you have a full blown addiction you are out of control and you start to lose friends, family, acquaintances, money, and opportunities you once had. A Broward County drug rehab can help those with addictions. The severity of addiction raises the questions as to what actually causes addictions in the first place. There are several risk factors that play into the development of an addiction and they are:

  • Genetics

  • Environment

  • Dual Diagnosis

  • Family History of Addiction

  • Sex (Male or Female)

  • Depression, Anxiety and Loneliness

Broward County Drug Rehab – How socioeconomics affect addiction

Clients at Pembroke Pine drug rehab are educated in addiction and the risk factors that may have caused them to start using. Another major part of risk factors of addiction are the socioeconomical factors that affect a person. A child who is living in poverty with a lack of proper health care, education, familial and social structure is at a significantly higher risk of developing an addiction than a child that is not. Some of our clients at Broward County drug rehab fall into this category and show symptoms of the lack of those resources. Although, that’s not to say that children who come from a well off home with health care, education and positive family and social examples cannot become addicted because they surely can. When you compare the two, the child with fewer resources has his odds stacked against him. Also parent and child conflicts, and other conflicts amongst family members, can increase the risk of drug abuse. “Research using the ecodevelopmental approach has found family conflict to be a consistent risk factor associated with substance abuse (Patock-Peckham & Morgan-Lopez, 2007; Santiseban, Tejeda, Dominicis, & Szapocznik, 1999). There is some conflicting evidence as to how and if socioeconomical factors can be considered a risk for the development of an addiction. The confliction can be seen in the following study:

In one study Meich and Chilcoat (2007) found that cocaine and marijuana use was related to disadvantageous economic and educational status. Contrary to findings where substance abuse was related to underprivileged status, different researchers have found that higher median neighborhood incomes were related to alcohol and marijuana abuse (Galea, Ahern, Tracy, & Vlahov, 2007). There are also findings indicating no relationship between neighborhood income levels and substance abuse (Allison, Crawford, Leone, Trickett, Perez-Febles, Burton, & Le Blanc, 1999; Mayer & Jencks, 1989). These mixed results suggest that the relationship of socioeconomic factors and substance abuse might be interpreted differently when incorporating other variables from the ecological model.

Another study that assessed twins showed the following:

“Poorer social functioning in the drug-exposed twin is consistent with a causal relationship, while similar functioning in the drug exposed versus naive twins imply shared genetic or common environmental factors. Use of drugs was not significantly related to any SES measures. However, education and job status appear to share genetic influences with drug abuse/dependence. Lower income was not related to abuse/dependence of drugs. Negative interactions with friends and relatives share genetic factors with use of drugs, but the escalation from trying drugs to abusing them appears to generate discord between the abuser and friends and relatives in a causal fashion. These results indicate that presumptive causal influences of drug abuse/dependence on low SES may actually be mediated by shared genes. Drug use and social discord also appear to have shared genetic factors, but increased levels of drug involvement seem to causally influence social interactions”.

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