Angel At The Airport

Recently while waiting with Marion, my better half,  to board the plane on our trip to Stockholm, out of nowhere I became rather anxious. The voice in my head was yelling, “Oh my God you’re leaving home for a foreign country, oh my God, oh my God”. I looked over at Marion and I knew she was also… Read More

When God Shows Up God Shows Up!

So often we think when God works in our life or if God talks to us it will be in some spectacular way.  Perhaps He will and does more often than we think or acknowledge. However it seems more often God will reveal Himself in subtle ways. It’s that quiet voice or that intuitiveness that tells us something… Read More

What’s Your Truth? By Peter Marinelli

Peter Marinelli Shares His Thoughts Peter Marinelli, the Director of Sober Residences at FHE Health, shares his passion and insight about sobriety. Peter has been sober over 25 years and has dedicated his life to helping others recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. What’s Your Truth? The truth is true until we find out it that it no longer… Read More

Peter Marinelli Discusses How Numb We’ve Become

Wake Up Everybody!  by Peter Marinelli “It becomes very frightening when tragedies become very matter of fact.” -Peter Marinelli How often do we watch the local news that discusses the events of the day locally and internationally only to hear of killings, terrorism, kidnappings or unemployment and financial debt?  We simply keep scrolling through the channels on to… Read More

We’ve Become Worse : Airline Travel Microcosm

Peter Marinelli Strikes Again Mr. Marinelli is our Director of Sober Residence at FHE Health. Peter runs the men’s halfway housing program at our facility and oozes inspiration and wisdom relating to sobriety and the power of recovery. From time to time, Mr. Marinelli shares some of his insight on how he views the world around us. Enjoy!… Read More

Enough Already: When Will This Country Treat Addiction?

There is much debate going on about the question of having choice or not when it comes to chemical addiction. At the time of this writing, there is a heroin pandemic that has hit the country. Treatment centers, drug courts and jails are packed. Overdoses have increased four and five fold. And yet, sadly, those seeking treatment are… Read More

An Inspiring Account of Sobriety By Peter Marinelli

Inspiration From Peter Marinelli Peter Marinelli is the Director of Sober Residences at FHE Health who has been living a fulfilling life of sobriety for the past 25 years. Mr. Marinelli has dedicated his life to helping others obtain the power and passion of living a sober life. Peter shares his insight, experience and inspiration through stories of… Read More

Peter Marinelli Shares “Touching Our History”

About Peter Marinelli Peter Marinelli is the Director of Sober Residences at FHE Health. Peter has been sober over 25 years and has dedicated his life to helping others recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. From time to time, Peter will offer some of his wisdom and experience through enjoyable stories and writings. Have fun reading this one! Touching… Read More

Here We Go Again by Peter Marinelli

Well kiddies it’s that time of year again. Where pressure, people pleasing, guilt, remorse, over spending, traffic, overcrowded stores over stuffed bellies with obscene amounts of food packed airport airlines and hotels price gauging and so much more – it’s the holiday time! And who can’t wait for midnight madness where folks literally have trampled others to death… Read More

How To Listen To God by Peter Marinelli

These are a few simple suggestions for people who are not willing to make an experiment. You can discover for yourself the most important and practical thing any human being can ever learn-how to be in touch with God. All that is needed is the willingness to try it honestly. Every person who has done this consistently and… Read More