Peter Marinelli Shares “Touching Our History”

About Peter Marinelli

Peter Marinelli is the Director of Sober Residences at FHE Health. Peter has been sober over 25 years and has dedicated his life to helping others recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. From time to time, Peter will offer some of his wisdom and experience through enjoyable stories and writings. Have fun reading this one!

Touching Our History

It’s so refreshing to hear the old stories of AA and get to (in a way) touch our rich God guided history.

Each time read about it or speak to the real old-timers over the years I am amazed at how successful they were even though they were new to this movement called Alcoholics Anonymous.

Oh there were mistakes and a flying blind period but the sense of desperation, urgency along with a no nonsense approach.

So many of these stories are inspirational I felt a need to share one with you.

This story takes place in Greenwich Ct.,  January 6, 1941.

The story picks up in a meeting:

The discussion leader called upon another member of the group a cultivated man a new comer.

There was a deep sincerity in the voice of the newcomer as he spoke

“Most of what I wanted to say has already been said. All I can say now

is that I have just passed my first Christmas holidays soberly for years and I am deeply grateful.”

And if this newcomer is on the road to being cured, he is just one of hundreds on record.

The story continues:

In many cases the question period brought out it is recommended that the alcoholic have some sort of hospitalization to serve as a punctuation mark in his drinking before he takes up with AS at any rate it is good to have sufficient period of relaxation and quiet preceding this earnest effort to make good on a permanent cure.

AA has been operation in Greenwich quietly doing good work for the past year.

The informal society of ex alcoholics and present alcoholics who aim to help each other is growing rapidly.

Its first member recovered his place in society more than five years Today there are chapters in NYC South Orange, N.J. Greenwich CT, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore ,Richmond VA, Detroit, Dayton, Youngstown, Jackson Mich., Coldwater Mich., Little Rock Ark., Houston TX., Los Angeles and San Francisco, Evansville Ind., and Chicago.

More than two thirds of the members the Alcoholics Anonymous believes have laid the foundation for permanent recovery from their affliction.

The work had its inception at the Charles B. Towns hospital in NY and since that time medical men have been taking interest in it.

Every Friday night they meet in Greenwich.

The discussion leader at the Friday night meeting glanced at the clock.

It was getting on toward 11:30.

“The hour is getting late” he said, “ Lets us close by reciting the Lord’s Prayer”.

All of them stood up- former rough and ready drinkers, cynical hard boiled self-centered habitués of the towns gin mills….and now they stood together and bowed their heads and murmured and “forgive us our trespasses……”


How bout sobriety!

How bout God!


Chop wood, carry water


– Peter Marinelli

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