Pay Up by Peter Marinelli

There has always been the debate to pay or not to pay college athletes.

It’s time the NCAA wake up to the fact the days of “June and Ward Cleaver” are long gone.

Stadiums are packed, frenzied media coverage, the sale of jerseys, programs, food, ect ., everyone making a dollar except the players who are doing all the work.

The NCAA made 871 million dollars last year and has a contract with CBS and Turner Network for over 10 billion dollars. Yet athletes are punished if the accept a meal or sneakers from an outside source and God forbid they made a little extra cash (or a lot of extra cash) without the blessings of the NCAA.

How unfair, when the stadiums are packed –sure to support they university but who has the star athletes and capitalizes off of it. Its time some the wealth be spread around. “John Smith” star athlete may come from the inner city and while he is lighting up the scoreboard and all are cheering, his family is back home living on food stamps. Further what happens if and when “John Smith” suffers and injury thereby ending his career and a chance to go pro? Now what? Does the NCAA really care?

Let’s face it (an athlete’s have finally come to the realization) athletes area product. As long as the product works it’s needed when it doesn’t it put away.

I have a few old friends who back in their day were athletic college standouts. One suffered an elbow injury cutting his career short and the two others damaged their knees playing football ending their college career. Shouldn’t they have been paid and compensated. Do you think they NCAA even give the injured in action a second thought? Probably not as they are busy counting their money in this hypocritical system.

Hey NCAA – they play, you pay!


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