What’s Your Truth? By Peter Marinelli

Peter Marinelli Shares His Thoughts

Peter Marinelli, the Director of Sober Residences at FHE Health, shares his passion and insight about sobriety. Peter has been sober over 25 years and has dedicated his life to helping others recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.

What’s Your Truth?

The truth is true until we find out it that it no longer is.

Many of us live our lives in delusion and illusion making decisions on what we think we are supposed to be rather then what God intended us to be.  These decisions we make and our views of the world are all based in fear.

Fear because we have stopped serving God and now need everyone to serve us, as we are now playing God and are a feeble God at best.

What we get to see in step four is where we have been playing God in every area of our lives, and how we have assigned everyone, including God and ourselves, a role to play.

We get to see how the first three columns are really a lie and our actions in column four are a result of this. How many of our behaviors are attached to false beliefs systems?

The self and its manifestations must die. In order to really experience God we need to be rid of self. So we do the steps to clear away self. The less self, the more God I will experience.

Self is generated from the mind. Most of us live with a life dominated by the mind, living along the lines of human consciousness, rather than God consciousness.

Is it possible that the mind takes me back to resentments over and over? Is it possible that the mind takes me back to despair and despair is an extreme form of self, and in this place pride will not allow me to turn to someone for help?

Is it possible that in this place, we can no longer see that God is with us?

Is it possible, that in a place of humility, there is no longer self- pity or self-seeking?

Is it possible that the humble man or woman expects nothing and experiences all of Gods gifts; joy, love peace, presence, oneness, abundance and that the man or woman of greed and self-seeking expects everything and receives nothing?

Humility will destroy the self- centeredness we suffer from, and it is through humility one can experience God and through God one can experience humility.


Peter Marinelli

Chop wood, carry water

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