Peter Marinelli Discusses How Numb We’ve Become

Wake Up Everybody!  by Peter Marinelli

“It becomes very frightening when tragedies become very matter of fact.” -Peter Marinelli

How often do we watch the local news that discusses the events of the day locally and internationally only to hear of killings, terrorism, kidnappings or unemployment and financial debt?  We simply keep scrolling through the channels on to our favorite program of the evening. While it appears that Rome is burning, we can usually settle in to our favorite program or supporting events and become very emotionally involved in this sort of thing.

It becomes the topic around the water cooler at work. How often are our countries affairs discussed at the water cooler or murders and violence or the sad state of our Union and with passion and genuine concern? Oh we give it a few minutes, but we rest easy as long as it doesn’t affect me.  “I really don’t worry” is what is secretly going on. What is so frightening is the matter of fact way we meet these headlines stories. Most of us have become numb to pain.

Sadly, when this happens, does the spirit of change diminish? It is what it is how many walk away from an event that ought to cause great concern and a willingness to change the status quo.

Why do so many news programs always lead with a story of danger or something fear induced? Studies have shown that the more one is exposed to aggression, the more aggressive one becomes; thus, able to tolerate and accept aggression in a matter of fact way.

Studies by Dane Archer and Rosemary Gartner found that wars (participating in or viewing) actually lead to more aggression in an individual and more domestic violence. Another example showed how in countries that were involved in wars there were a large increase in postwar homicides, as compared to countries that remained at peace.

Another study by Albert Bandura demonstrated that watching violence on television actually increased aggressive behavior even in young children. Why are most of our television shows about murder or violence, etc. (one study showed that in eight out of ten TV shows, violence prevailed). Another study showed that a high rate of domestic violence is usually on Super Bowl Sunday often the offenders are fans of the losing team.

So to reiterate, it has become a frightening society in which we live, with no end in sight. Mistrust of our government is status quo. Wars are status quo. Violence, kidnappings, car jacking’s, murders: status quo. And what about the shootings in schools? Oh folks were up in arms, but as usual it loses it’s momentum and the news programs focus on other news and we forget.


When will we wake up!


Peter Marinelli

Chop wood, carry water

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