How To Listen To God by Peter Marinelli

These are a few simple suggestions for people who are not willing to make an experiment.

You can discover for yourself the most important and practical thing any human being can ever learn-how to be in touch with God.

All that is needed is the willingness to try it honestly. Every person who has done this consistently and sincerely has found that it really works.

Before you begin, look over these fundamental points. They are true and are based on the experience of thousands of people.

  1. God is alive. He always has been and He always will be.

  2. God knows everything.

  3. God can do anything

  4. God can be everywhere—all at the same time. (These are the important differences between God and us human beings).

  5. God is invisible—we can’t see Him or touch Him—but God is here. He is with you now. He is beside you. He surrounds you. He fills the room or the whole place where you are right now. He is in you now. He is in your heart.

  6. God cares very much for you. He is interested in you. He has a plan for your life. He has an answer for every need and problem you face.

  7. God will tell you all you need to know. He will not always tell you all that you want to know.

  8. God will help you do everything that He asks you to do.

  9. Anyone can be in touch with God, anywhere and at any time. If the conditions are obeyed.

These are the conditions:

To be quiet and still

To listen

To be honest about every thought that comes

To test the thoughts to be sure that they come from God

To obey

(from “How To List To God”)


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