Enough Already: When Will This Country Treat Addiction?

There is much debate going on about the question of having choice or not when it comes to chemical addiction. At the time of this writing, there is a heroin pandemic that has hit the country. Treatment centers, drug courts and jails are packed. Overdoses have increased four and five fold. And yet, sadly, those seeking treatment are at the mercy of insurance company’s policies , which are cold and cruel.

Is There Choice in Addiction?

There are many professionals debating whether addiction is a choice or not and if it is truly a “disease”. Further, many of their recommendations to treat addiction leave much to be desired. Whether it’s a brain disease or not, whether they believe it involves choice to use drugs and alcohol for the chemically addicted person or not, what in God’s name are we going to about?

It’s a pretty good argument to state that if and when the addicted folks hit a “bottom” and perhaps are fortunate enough to go to a treatment center, the road to recovery is a direct result of a spiritual transformation.

Back in 1934, Doctor William D. Silkworth had the foresight to write about this issue. His theory on the subject stated that these men and women suffer from a mental obsession and no amount of willpower would work to treat their problem. He described addiction as a physical allergy or craving and that no amount of will power would work to fix it. Dr. Silkworth went on to explain that the need for what he called a “psychic change” was the only solution he could see.

There are other doctors who have taken the same stance. For example, Doctor Carl Young stated to one of his alcoholic patients (Rolland H) that “he had the mind of chronic alcoholic” and the need for a vital spiritual experience was the only remedy.

More recently, Doctor Nora Volkow argues on the side of a brain disease and that will power and choice are nonexistent for the sufferers of addiction.

When Will Proper Legislation be Passed to Afford Addiction Sufferers the Proper Care, Including Long Term?

When will this county begin to look at the addiction sufferer with the same political correctness it gives to other illness and even people with different lifestyles? How come our liberal attitude towards others can blossom in the name of not being called a bigot or ignorant, yet with addiction ignorance and bigotry seems to be on steroids.

Why won’t congress address this? We will send men and women off to another war to be killed or permanently disabled in the name of country and present it as a good thing to do, but won’t save the wounded of addiction here on our own home front.

Our youth is in serious trouble and, like it or not, they are our future. We are all in trouble. Drugs and alcohol will be around forever and the methods to treatment shouldn’t be determined by insurance companies who have been given too much power and authority over the sick. It seems as though Congress has rolled over as usual!

Whether it’s a brain disease or not or whether you believe addicts have choice to abuse substances or not –these folks have it! Families are ripped to shreds and raped by addiction. Crimes, fatal car crashes over doses, suicides, directly related to alcoholism and drug addiction.

What are We Going to do About It? Ship Them Off to Another Country?

Now, I am not making excuses for the behavior and the crimes that occur due to addiction. Everyone needs to be held accountable. However, the need to give addicts the proper help when asked is our job as a society, like it or not.

Why is it that one the first questions asked to someone who is seeking help for addiction is “what type or insurance do you have?,” or “do you have money to pay for treatment?” How many addicts have money or health insurance? The hypocrisy here is staggering. How many more hundreds of millions of dollars need to be spent on another tank, or fighter jet and war?

To walk away with an attitude of “it’s their own fault” or “it’s not my problem” or “as long as it’s not in my neighborhood”, is wrong and un-American (when we care about everyone else in the world and their problems) and un-Godly.

But the insurance companies are still in charge of us all, like it or not and congress does nothing. Perhaps it’s because the lobbyists of insurance company’s keep padding congress with lots of perks.

“Houston we have a problem!!”


Peter Marinelli

Chop wood, carry water

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