When God Shows Up God Shows Up!

So often we think when God works in our life or if God talks to us it will be in some spectacular way.  Perhaps He will and does more often than we think or acknowledge.

However it seems more often God will reveal Himself in subtle ways. It’s that quiet voice or that intuitiveness that tells us something and occasionally we listen.

I have found too many wait for the thunderous boom from the sky to believe its God calling and wait forever all the while He has been trying in so many other and even simple ways, ways we can grasp and understand.

Further we don’t have to be biblical scholars or devoutly religious to have this happen. I often think God needs to reach the sick and suffering as much as He needs to keep the “awakened “(who are already in the fold) close.

A story I think of involves a young man in his twenties. He sufferers from heroin addiction and was sitting in his first treatment center. All the professionals and nonprofessional clean and sober folks  all agreed he ought to take a direction of not returning to his home state (as he was in treatment just 35 days and knew was certainly not ready to go back to the people places and things from his past. He was strongly encouraged to attend another phase of “treatment “an intense spiritual program under the umbrella of this treatment center. It was a commitment- a 90 day commitment. Well as you might guess he balked strongly at first as his plans were to return home. Then he decided he should follow the directions that were put to him. The day prior to his discharge date he balked again and wanted out and no one could stop him. He even became very critical of recovery and anything to do with spirituality. Everyone around him knew he was now in deep water and headed for serious trouble.

So he packed his bags and prepared himself to leave and head off into another nightmare. Then the miraculous happened.

He tells the story;

As I was getting ready to leave I looked at my luggage and realized this is it. I became very afraid along with a powerful desire to use heroin. I became nervous and knew if I left I would definitely be back to the nightmare and I dint want that anymore.

He notified his counselor and said yes I will follow your plan of action. He spoke with other sober folks and informed them as well. Although he clearly admitted this wasn’t what he planned on and wasn’t thrilled about seeking additional help, but knew he must. He told us that something told him to listen to these folks. This young man not only had clarity of mind to see the truth but even more to listen the that “voice “ that spoke gently to him-God!

What a miracle!

I don’t think this young man recognizes the impact of this event, perhaps life changing, as he stood at the crossroads of his life; however, I’m sure one day son he will realize, as so many of us do, that God will do for us what we can’t do for ourselves.

How bout sobriety!

How bout God!



Peter Marinelli

Chop wood, carry water

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