Washington, DC

A Heroin Crisis So Powerful That It Drives Bipartisan Action in DC

Washington Gets Serious About Opioid Crisis

In today’s highly charged political environment, there are few issues that garner widespread partisan support in Washington. The opioid crisis is one issue that seems to bridging the divide.

As reported at KTUU, fifty-six democrats and 44 republicans in the House are pushing eight proposed laws to loosen opiate-addiction’s ever-tightening grip on America.

“Heroin addiction does not choose Rs and Ds,” said Rep. Annie Kuster (D-NH).

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The Bipartisan Heroin Task Force she helped form wants to crack down on over-prescription and prescription theft, make funds and drugs for addiction treatment more available, and provide more assistance to veterans when addiction lands them in court.

Last year this group brought forward a similar agenda. However, of the nine bills on that list, most are stalled.

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To read more about how legislators in Washington are tackling the opioid crisis, please visit KTUU.com.

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