Mexican Dealers Increasing Fentanyl Production

Fenatanyl Lab

Fentanyl labs spring up South of the Border

No longer content to watch Chinese producers send highly lucrative fentanyl to the US, Mexican traffickers are starting to build their own fentanyl labs.

This week, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions drew attention to the growing fentanyl production in Mexico and urged that the US take proactive steps to stem the tide.

“Fentanyl originally started mostly from China,” Sessions said at the close of a US-Mexico bilateral meeting on transnational criminal organizations.

“A considerable amount has been shipped to Mexico and then enters across the border in some fashion from Mexico.”

Now, though, Sessions added, “We are also seeing precursor chemicals in Mexico and manufacturing labs begin to develop in Mexico. So one of the priorities I would like to see us do is to nip that in the bud, stay very intensely focused on those laboratories, and make sure that it does not become a big problem in the future.”

“We’ve never seen those numbers before, or anything like it,” Sessions said of the overdose death rate.

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