Fentanyl Test Strips May Help Prevent Overdoses

Test Stips

Cheap and Accurate Fentanyl Test Strips May Save Lives

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have been researching if inexpensive and accurate fentanyl test strips can help lower opioid overdoses.

As reported by Johns Hopkins, a study to assess the feasibility of checking illicit street drugs for fentanyl found that low-cost test strips detect the presence of fentanyl with a high degree of accuracy, and that the vast majority of people who use street drugs are interested in using drug checking to help prevent overdoses.

The initial findings indicate that drug checking presents an opportunity for a public health approach to the fentanyl overdose crisis.

“We are at a pivotal moment in the overdose epidemic, and we need to embrace the full range of interventions that can save lives,” says Susan Sherman, a professor in the Department of Health, Behavior, and Society at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a co-author of the study. “Our findings bring to the table evidence that can inform a public health approach to the fentanyl crisis. Smart strategies that reduce harm can save lives.”

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To learn more about how low cost fentanyl test strips may help lower overdose deaths, please visit JHU.com.

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