Narcan Creating False Sense of Security for Heavy Drug Users

Narcan Rescue

Addicts Now Need Multiple Doses of Narcan – But Many Can’t Be Saved

As Narcan becomes increasingly widespread, it has helped to save countless lives, but it is also providing a false sense of security for many heavy drug users.

As reported by NBC 24, “We can kind of tell when a new shipment of drugs will come into the city, you can listen to the radio you’ll hear it, overdose overdose overdose,” said Jamie Ferguson.

He’s been a firefighter and paramedic with Toledo Fire and Rescue for more than 20 years. For the past several years a majority if his time has now gone to helping overdose victims.

“What we used to use one dose, it’s not unheard of to see three or four doses, five doses.”

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The need for the higher dosage stems from drugs getting more potent and lethal, many users mixing and creating a deadly cocktail. While many addicts may think of Narcan as the miracle spray, it’s not guaranteed.

“From the investigation many of the deaths were revived by Narcan more than once on more than one occasion,” said Dr. Robert Forney. He’s the chief Toxocologist for the Lucas County Coroner’s Office. He says opiod-related deaths have skyrocketed both in the area and nationwide.

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To learn more about how the widespread use of Narcan might be providing a false sense of security, please visit NBC 24.

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