Pharmacy Employee Steals Xanax For Her Mother

Drug dependence can make otherwise good people do self-destructive things. Take Walgreens employee Melissa Marie Ciafardo, 45, who had been stealing from her store for two months before she got caught. Her co-workers caught her pocketing a handful of generic Xanax (Alprazolam), and when her manager confronted her, she admitted that she had been stealing from them. Her arrest record shows that she said she was taking the drugs so her mother could use them, despite not having a prescription. Ciafardo has a $2,000 bail and is banned from Walgreens.

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Authorities on Wednesday arrested a Hernando Walgreens employee for allegedly pocketing a dozen prescription pills during her latest shift — but over 130 pills are still unaccounted for.

In a written statement to Citrus County sheriff’s investigators, 45-year-old Melissa Marie Ciafardo admitted to taking medication from the store’s pharmacy for the past two months, according to her arrest report.

Store surveillance cameras were just able to capture the Beverly Hills woman on Tuesday and Wednesday purportedly putting Alprazolam, also known as Xanax, into her pockets while she was filing prescriptions, the arrest report shows.

Deputies charged Ciafardo with theft of a controlled substance. Click Here to Continue Reading

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