Holiday Parties: How to Have Fun While Staying Sober

Have fun while staying sober

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey in recovery, you’ve just celebrated another year of sobriety, or you’re facing the prospect of a drug and alcohol-free holiday season for the first time, you may be wondering how to have fun while staying sober at holiday parties.

After all, drugs and drinking may have been an integral part of your life for a long time, and chances are good that partying sober simply wasn’t something you ever thought was possible. The good news is that with some advance planning, you really can have a great time at your next holiday party without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Holiday Parties and Substance Abuse: Be Aware of the Risks

How to have fun while staying soberThe holiday season is all about traditions, and unfortunately, alcohol consumption features prominently in everything from traditional holiday foods (think rum balls and bourbon-soaked fruitcakes) to festive-themed drinks such as spiked eggnog and champagne on New Years’ Eve.

According to a survey of 1,000 adults by the American Addiction Centers, the holiday that is most associated with alcohol is New Year’s Eve. In the study, 47 percent of the male respondents and 40 percent of the female respondents reported binge drinking, which is defined as drinking four or more drinks in two or fewer hours.

If you’re working to maintain your sobriety, the holidays can be a particularly challenging time, but that’s not to say that you need to stay home and wish the time away. Being aware of the potential triggers and temptations you might encounter is the first step towards enjoying a safe, sober holiday season.

Was Being Impaired At Parties Really All That Enjoyable?

Survey Results of binge drinking regretsTo start with, consider this: was being loaded at your office party, family dinner, or block party really all that much fun?

During your treatment, you likely reflected on your experiences while abusing drugs and alcohol, and if you’re like many people who struggle with addiction, your memories of the holidays may be a bit blurry. Unfortunately, others may have a better recollection of your past behavior at holiday parties, and in most cases, these memories are ones you’d rather be forgotten.

In fact, the idea that you can’t have fun while being sober is largely based on slick marketing campaigns by alcohol companies which have spent years selling us on the idea that staying sober at a party simply isn’t an option.

Plan An All-Ages Event

One of the simplest and most effective ways to eliminate the pressure to drink alcohol during a holiday party is to make it an all-ages event; that way, there’s no reason to include booze on the menu. Planning a family-friendly, alcohol-free holiday celebration is a great way to have fun while being sober. After all, kids are naturally full of energy, and parents will appreciate the option to include their children in the events.

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