Four Alcohol-Free Drinks To Order At The Bar

Even if you refuse every social invitation that will involve bars or clubs where alcohol consumption is assumed, it’s hard to avoid being out these days without someone around you consuming alcohol. If you’re at a wedding or restaurant someone is probably ordering a drink. Something that makes it hard to stick to your life of sobriety is ritual. You’re used to going out and getting a drink. It’s just something that people do with coworkers or friends they haven’t seen in a while, or for a date. It’s societal ritual to meet someone for dinner and drink, and thinking you can’t do that can feel discouraging.. Here is a list of beverages that feel special, and don’t contain alcohol


  1. Shirley Temple – Shirley Temples were mocktail before mocktails were cool. All you need are grenadine and sprite. But be careful grenadine is potent. A little goes a long way.
  2. Sparkling Water with Lime – A classic. This beverage is great if you don’t want to stand out too much. It looks for all the world like a vodka and lime and, most likely, folks won’t even ask questions. Try this with chips and salsa! The spicier the salsa the better. The lime will be a nice thirst quencher between the salty chips and the fire on your tongue.
  3. Coke – Have a soda. I mean, it’s not super good for you, but if it feels nostalgic, and it’s something you enjoy, go for it. Just don’t guzzle a 2 liter everyday and you should be fine. Enjoy with a burger and fries.
  4. Half Orange Juice, Half Cranberry – This drink is beautiful in color. The vibrant pink of the cranberry and the orange swirl together to make a summery and very pleasing beverage. Not only is it pretty, but it’s a great summer sunset sort of color. Very chic. Pair with a wedge salad for a wonderfully refreshing meal.


Changing habits can be hard. But it’s much easier when you have a plan. Keep these drinks in mind for when you know you’ll be at a restaurant with a friend. You’ll feel more confident when you order.

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