How to Stay Sober at a Party: Fun is Still an Option


How to Stay Sober at a Party: Fun is Still an Option

If you are an addict living sober, you will know the temptation of alcohol that surrounds you. It is something that you cannot hide from. Alcohol is everywhere. Your friends, coworkers, family members, and even your partner may still drink after you have decided on a life of sobriety. You will be asked to go to parties, and you might be unsure about attending. Your fears may seem awkward, being tempted to drink, and uncertainty of a good time without alcohol. There are a few tips that have surfaced for recovering alcoholics on how to stay sober at social events that involve alcohol.

Plan it out

Don’t go to a party without considering all of your options. If you do not feel comfortable or think that a party will cause you to relapse, you should avoid going. If you decide to go, come prepared. Know specifics like where you are going, how you are getting home, what your response will be when someone asks you why you are not drinking, and when you are planning to leave. Keeping a schedule and coming prepared will help you relax as you know that you have everything thoughtfully planned out.

Don’t downplay your confidence

The majority of socialites consumer alcohol at parties, and it’s typically regarded as an ego booster. It can also help calm nerves, as it numbs feelings and emotions. Also, remind yourself that you do not need alcohol to be confident. You can approach people and have a good time without the aid of alcohol. Don’t worry; it’s socially acceptable to be excited about going out with your friends.

Carry a non-alcoholic drink in your hand

Sipping on a non-alcoholic drink will give you something to do, at the very least. Instead of sulking with your hands in your pockets, you force yourself to be a part of the crowd. Carrying a drink around with you at a party will also help keep people from asking you if you want a drink. Take the initiative to avoid being offered alcohol.

Occupy your mind

When you’re at a party, avoiding any temptations surrounding alcohol. When you are used to a life full of alcohol, going to a party and not drinking may feel boring. This doesn’t have to be the case because it is possible to have a good time without alcohol. Decide that you are going to occupy your mind with something else. Sing karaoke, play games, become the DJ or dance to keep from becoming bored. Once you find what gives you happiness without alcohol, you will find that you do not even miss it.

Attend parties with people who support you

Going to parties alone or with people that feel they need alcohol to have a good time may be a trigger for you. You can avoid this by taking people that know about your choice to be sober and support you in doing so. Surrounding yourself with positive people is a sure way to have a good time.

Connect with people

Parties are a great way to meet new people. You don’t need the help of alcohol to do this. Keep in mind that people go to parties to meet other people. You aren’t the only one looking for a good conversation. Try opening up to interesting people and you will make new friends.

Take in your surroundings

Think about your old experiences with intoxication. You probably were unaware of your surroundings. Now you can take in the little joys of life. You can also get enjoyment by observing what the drunk people around you say or do. Being sober gives you the insight at parties on how alcohol does not bring the best out in people. Not only will you be able to control what you say and do, you will not wake up with a pounding headache in the morning. Additionally, remind yourself that you enjoy your clear head, and partying without alcohol becomes a little easier.

Take a leave of absence

Do not feel bad for wanting to leave. The point of going to a party is to have fun. If you are not having fun, just leave the party. If people are hounding you, overcome the temptation to drink and just tell them you’re leaving. You cannot punish yourself for putting your own needs first. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the night by yourself.

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