The Virtues of Accountability

Seeking out accountability after rehab may feel risky. If your old life of addiction taught you anything it’s that you can’t trust anyone. If you learn anything in your addiction recovery in Florida, hopefully it’s that you must trust someone in order to be healthy. You must be able to be transparent and accountable to someone.


We need accountability to survive. Even folks who don’t struggle with drug or alcohol addiction have responsibilities they are accountable to someone for, it is often ultimately what gives our life purpose. You are accountable to your work for your performance and output. You are accountable to your children for being a consistent and caring source of unconditional in their lives. You are accountable to your partner for being loving and supportive. Not only is it vital that you have someone you can talk to and be honest with about these responsibilities, and how you are measuring up to them, but it is important that you speak with them consistently about how you are dealing with these responsibilities in light of your recent addiction struggles and  treatment. Here are ways to succeed at, not run away from, and indeed seek out healthy accountability in your sober life.


  • Keep in mind that accountability is your friend. Look for friends who keep it real with you. Find a friend you can trust to talk through your concerns and fears about your responsibilities. Don’t forget to listen for them too!


  • Get rid of friends who don’t support sobriety. It’s easy to pretend one of your friends helps you stay accountable when you’re really just feeding each other’s bad habits. If someone isn’t supporting your sober life, or your need to meet your responsibilities, it’s time to reevaluate the relationship. Stick with friends who support you and help you stay real.


  • Get a sponsor! Many rehab centers encourage their patients to engage in a 12-step program. Many such programs help you get a mentor, or a sponsor, who can act as an accountability partner. Most of the time they are also recovering from addiction and are experienced in the ways to succeed at sober living.


The need to seek out and be accountable for your life is vital as you continue to recover and chose sobriety every day.  As you build your new life after attending a detox and rehab center in florida. Detox and wellness centers will continue to offer support through lasting friendships and sometimes outpatient services such as mental health therapy and other forms of wellness treatment.


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