Importance of Accountability Partners

Everyone has tried to create an exercise plan for themselves. Some people succeed on the first try, but most people out there fail time and time again. They go to bed meaning to wake up the next morning and instead 5am comes and their hand slaps for the snooze button on their phone. Or they justify it. They’ll go to the gym starting Monday. Yeah. Monday’s the perfect day to start new. But they never start. We’ve all been there.


Social Constraints

But what happens when you start working out with a friend? Suddenly you wake up at 5am, start slapping for your phone and realize that your friend Beth is going to be pissed if you stand her up. So you get out of bed and you go to the gym. There months later you’re running a six minute mile and sporting a six pack. Or maybe you just feel stronger. If you hadn’t had that workout buddy, that accountability partner, you may never have gotten out of bed.

It can be the same when you are trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. The best defense you have against addiction is a strong support network. And the most important part of that social safety net is your accountability partner. Who’s that? An accountability partner is someone you can trust with your life. It’s someone from whom you can handle taking criticism, who knows how to hear you and how to help you hear them. Simply put, it is someone who can sit with you in the midst of your pain and still help keep you on the path to sobriety by reminding you of all of the reasons you started down the path to begin with.


Support from a Group

So many rehab treatment facilities employ programs like Alcoholics Anonymous for their patients. One of the most successful aspects of this kind of curriculum is the sponsor program. A sponsor is more or less an accountability partner. Usually it is someone who has been AA for longer than you have and has had some success at staying sober.

A sponsor or accountability partner can help you get closer to feeling settled and safe in your new sober life. They are there to help support you and encourage you through a difficult journey through drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

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