In New Hampshire, Myths Fuel Addiction Crisis

New Hampshire

Doubts Grow As Overdoses Continue Unabated

In New Hampshire, myths fuel addiction crisis as residents struggle to understand why so many addicts go into relapse and often die of overdoses.

Seacoast Online reports that as treatment pathways and recovery organizations continue to grow throughout the Seacoast, so too has the number of locals questioning their effectiveness as high-profile overdose deaths are reported throughout various community channels.

According to local recovery leaders, that doubt isn’t just found in toxic social media commentary about the opioid crisis. It has crept into local meetings and programs. In turn, they say it’s creating a traumatizing ripple effect that undermines support systems while propagating falsehoods about a misunderstood aspect of substance use disorders (SUDs): relapse.

It’s definitely a struggle to understand why or how someone comes to a setback or relapse,” said Lynn Fuller, the state’s family support coordinator. Fuller has two sons in long-term recovery and their addictions inspired her to create a family support group in Farmington called Circle of Hope. “We have to remind ourselves our people are not cured (just because they’ve been in treatment).”

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“I think as a society we’re very impatient (and) rush to judgment,” said Iudice. “And it’s even modeled by a lot of our leaders, and that just promotes addiction. It promotes divisiveness, it promotes stigma (and) it promotes ostracizing people, which is just going to isolate people and increase addiction. So as a society, learning to be more patient and learning to stop and try to understand what’s going on with a person before we assume we know everything about how bad they are, that’s going to promote recovery.”

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To learn more about how New Hampshire residents are grappling with relapse and overdoses, please visit Seacoast Online.

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