Alcohol Abuse | How to Avoid Alcohol at Your Next Girls’ Night

Girls Night Out - avoiding alcohol

Girls’ night out and alcohol are as synonymous with each other as peanut butter and jelly. It is depicted pretty much everywhere in society. Movies, TV shows, commercials, etc. One could argue that the cosmopolitan drink became incredibly popular because of the ladies on Sex in the City drinking them on their girls’ nights. However, for women in… Read More

How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Becoming a parent is a life changer. One of the ways your life changes forever is the question of who you answer to. As a parent we would normally say that what changes when you have children is that someone has to answer to you. However, It is your job to provide your children with their basic needs,… Read More

Advocating for Yourself During Recovery From Alcohol & Drug Addiction

You have an addiction to Drugs and Alcohol. It’s an almost impossible thing to admit to yourself and the people you love. It is even harder to seek out addiction recovery treatment like medical detox or going to a drug and alcohol rehab facility. But you’ve acknowledged your addiction and you’ve taken the steps to get help. Now… Read More

Suggesting Drug and Alcohol Rehab to Your Friend

So your friend seems to be struggling. They’re not meeting their responsibilities. They’ve skipped out on events you know they needed to attend, or are getting behind on their bills. Maybe you’ve seen that their impulse control is compromised, maybe their anger has been unchecked lately. But whether they are struggling with alcohol addiction or maybe it is… Read More

Going to a New Doctor

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As we make the choice every day to chose a sober lifestyle, as opposed to the life wrecked by drug and alcohol addiction, we experience different times each day that we could turn back and take away a little bit of our hard won progress. Steps we have taken to distance ourselves more from our destructive drug abuse… Read More

Things to Never Say to an Addict pt 2.

You’d be surprised at how harsh people’s words toward addicts can be. Here are some common thoughts people have about addiction and even communicate to the people they love.   “Just exercise and you won’t feel so depressed” Exercise is a wonderful tool for fighting depression and anxiety. The dopamine released in your brain from heavy exercise can… Read More