Advocating for Yourself During Recovery From Alcohol & Drug Addiction

You have an addiction to Drugs and Alcohol. It’s an almost impossible thing to admit to yourself and the people you love. It is even harder to seek out addiction recovery treatment like medical detox or going to a drug and alcohol rehab facility. But you’ve acknowledged your addiction and you’ve taken the steps to get help. Now you have to learn what it means to advocate for yourself in the process of recovery, thoroughly researching medically supervised drug detox facilities and seeking out the best rehab center for you. Advocating for yourself is about knowing your rights, what you need to be comfortable, safe, and healthy.


Here are three ways you can advocate for yourself.

  1. Know your insurance. It hasn’t always been the case but may insurances will pay the whole cost of drug rehab centers and detox facilities. That’s great, but make sure you know more than just that about the way your insurance works. You want to be able to go into rehab with a clear head and a focus on getting on the road to a sober life. Knowing your insurance policy around rehab will help you to be sure you are getting every amenity that your insurance affords you. It will also tell you more about billing and the correct routes to lodge a complaint or concern.
  2. Ask for a new doctor. Are you comfortable with your doctor? Do you feel like they listen to you? Like they care about your well being? If you don’t feel listened to, or if you feel like you don’t respect your doctor’s expertise, or are in any way uncomfortable with your doctor, know that you can change doctors. It is rare that an insurance has you locked in with only one doctor to choose from. Feeling like you can trust your licensed medical care experts is vital to your addiction recovery.
  3. Make sure your basic needs are met. Do you feel safe? Are you eating balanced, nutritious meals regularly? Are you hydrated? If your rehab treatment facility is not providing you the kind of quality care you deserve, advocate for yourself. You must be getting regular sleep, nutrition, and hydration before you will be able to succeed at your more internal journey.

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