Marilyn Monroe’s Terminal Struggle with Addiction Part 2

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Monroe escaped the cruelty of a harsh upbringing and scored a gig as a contract actor at Fox in the 1950’s. She soon skyrocketed to fame as a sex symbol and movie star. However Monroe suffered from insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Her complicated and painful experiences as a child stayed with her and she began to increase her alcohol consumption and started experimenting with prescription drug abuse

The more she drank and the more she acted, the more compromised her health became. Doctors gave Monroe prescription medication to manage her insomnia and anxiety. Barbiturates were commonly prescribed for these sorts of ailments and these were the prescriptions that would ultimately become Monroe’s terminal addiction.

Monroe knew that her health and wellbeing were deteriorating and tried to get help by going to a psychiatric clinic for mental health rehabilitation. She was unable to get the kind of help she needed to heal and find sobriety. Marilyn Monroe’s life was cut short in 1962. She struggled with her addiction until she succumbed to it when she was 36 years old.

Monroe experienced feelings of hopelessness, she drank alcohol to self medicate and numb the fear she felt from the trauma she had gone through as young woman and child. Have you experienced sexual abuse, abandonment, extreme poverty? Do you still feel the effects of painful memories and struggle with alcohol abuse and prescription drug abuse? Don’t worry, there’s help out there. Contact a medical detoxification facility today. With medically supervised alcohol detox you can prepare your body for sober living, and then with a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab program you can learn the tools to resist triggers and heal from your past. At an alcohol detox and rehab center you can find the support you need to help you rebuild your life. 

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