Journaling Your Way Through Recovery At Drug Rehab in South Florida

Journaling At Drug Rehab in South Florida

drug detoxTaking on the act of journaling at drug rehab in south Florida can be a great therapy method. Journaling is the act of writing in a journal or a diary. Common journaling practices consists of daily reflections on activities that happened throughout the day. Many people keep journals or diary’s of ideas, thoughts, recollections, life lessons or to do lists. Journaling has therapeutic benefits in that it can help individuals visualize, write and then read the thoughts that are in their head thus offering a tangible method of reflection. Guided journaling can be use in drug rehab in south Florida to help addicts see how they’re progressing through their addicts from day one to day 30, day 60, day 90 and onward.

Benefits of Journaling at Drug Rehab in South Florida

Besides talk therapy amongst friends, family and other members of the recovery community, journaling at drug rehab in south Florida is probably one of the cheapest forms of therapy. If the normal brain experiences a thousand thoughts a minute then the addicted brain experiences a million thoughts a minute. When you throw in cravings and triggers into the mix then you’ve got a whole lot of thoughts, words and impulses tugging at you simultaneously. Journaling can help you:

  • Put things into perspective by writing out everything that’s all your mind.
  • Reduce stress by physically putting the mental pain into action through writing.
  • Come to terms with your addiction through the reading of past entries.
  • See things in a new way as you progress in your recovery.
  • See a pattern of triggers, cravings or behavioral actions that you are prone to.

Journaling Is Not For Everyone At Drug Rehab South Florida

If you’ve tried journaling at drug rehab in south Florida (for at least 30 -45 days) and you feel that it is a difficult task for you to do then there might be other factors at play. People with learning disabilities, perfectionism, or physical disabilities may find it difficult and unenjoyable to journal. This is okay, consult your counselor or therapist at drug rehab in south Florida on other methods of reflection that might work best for you.

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