Five Ways to Detox from Opiates

detox from opiates

Do You Think You Need to Detox From Opiates?

A person who wants to detox from opiates such as heroin, methadone, or morphine among other opiates, can choose a number of ways and methods through which to achieve detox. Some of the five ways that one can detox from opiates are as follows:

In-Patient Drug Detox Centers

These are drug detoxification centers in which the patient stays or resides at a center throughout their detox regimen. There are advantages to this kind of detox method as the patient is closely monitored and the center being a ‘drug-free’ zone will have fewer temptations than one who detoxes at home or in outpatient facilities. Highly trained medical practitioners also monitor and control better the withdrawal process. The fellowship within the center of other recovering addicts can be a great help. Another advantage is that one can transit directly and easily to a drug rehab program after the detox process is complete.

Outpatient Drug Centers

In these centers, the patient attends the program for detoxification from opiates and returns home every day. The advantage is that going home may provide support that is more direct from family members.

Holistic Drug Detox

These centers merge many therapy concepts, such as traditional and clinical to help a patient to recover. Spiritual, physical and mental health exercises are combined so that success can be achieved. The holistic approach normally renews and invigorates patients.

Medical Drug Detoxification

The use of medications such as methadone, klonepin and Buprenophex can also be instituted for patients who are trying to detox.

Rapid Drug Detox

This is a detox regimen done when the addict is under anesthesia. This can take several hours in a specialized hospital where the patient is given medications while they are unconscious and they flush the opiates out from their system. What this does is speed up physical reactions, which are a result of the withdrawal process. A rehab program follows after the rapid detox is finished. The ultra rapid opiate detoxification has been around since late 1980’s. Recovery periods from the process may take up to 2 days.

Natural Drug Detoxification

Herbal products can also be used to detox from opiates. Other methods that may accompany this technique include acu-massage and acupuncture, which will ease the effect of the withdrawal process.

Patients who are undergoing early withdrawal symptoms, which may not be severe, can choose the outpatient treatment, but things may change after the first stages. The way one chooses to detox from opiates largely depends on the severity of ones addiction and their individual needs, and of course, the cost may be a limiting factor.

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