Therapy Options in Residential Rehab

What is residential rehab?

residential rehabResidential rehab comes after you’ve completed your medical detox. After detox you move into the residential rehab part of treatment where you will live and receive treatment at the same time. Residential rehab usually lasts from 28 – 30 days. During this time you will be living in a residential sober facility with other rehab residents. You will be in a safe and sober environment that has (in most cases) 24/7 medical and staff supervision. There is an emphasis on sober living and the education of addiction. You will learn the in’s and out’s of addiction and how you can learn to cope with your addiction. Inpatient residential rehab is a structure program in which you will stick to a daily schedule and actively work at your rehabilitation.

What is therapy?

Psychotherapy is a blanket expression pertaining to the healing interplay or approach negotiated between a qualified expert and a patient, couple, group, family, or client. The difficulties discussed are emotional in nature and can differ in terms of the origins, triggers, impacts, and possible recommendations. Accurate evaluation is reliant on the practitioner’s ability and can develop or emerge as the clinician gains understanding, awareness and comprehensive expertise.

Therapy includes interactive processes between a person or group and a qualified mental health professional (psychologist, clinical social worker, licensed counselor, or psychiatrist). Its purpose is the exploration of feelings, behaviors and thoughts to increase problem-solving skills or achieve higher levels of functioning. Psychotherapy strives to increase a sense of well-being. Psychotherapists apply a variety of methods based on communication, discussion, experiential relationship building and performance, all of which have the intention to improve the mental health of a client, or to enhance relationships.

How does therapy help in residential rehab?

In the field of addiction, therapy is a crucial part in helping clients come to terms with their addictions, their personal lives, conflicts, emotions and other issues that stem from their drug use. Without psychotherapy most addicts would go right back to drug use after detox. While you are in residential rehab you will be assigned to a therapist who specializes in addiction and has experience helping former addicts heal and stay sober into their recovery. Group therapy and individual therapy sessions are a crucial part to residential rehab and to a clients’ rehabilitation.

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