Support Act signed by Trump

Trump Signs H.R. 6 – SUPPORT bill

In October 2018, President Trump signed a key bipartisan bill that activates several crucial measures aimed at treating addiction, especially addiction to opioid medications. The bill works with Medicaid and Medicare insurers to standardize triage and treatment for those suffering from addiction, and giving the treatment community the ability to offer patients effective, affordable treatment…. Read More

Addicts and FL Amendment 4

Florida Amendment 4 and Addiction Treatment – What You Need To Know

Update: On November 6th, Florida voted and 64.5% voted YES on Amendment 4. This surpassed the required 60% threshold and will become and constitutional amendment.  There are 13 amendments on the November 6, 2018, Florida ballot. That means voters will be asked to make a number of important choices about both their elected officials and… Read More